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Vol. 1, Issue 6
In This Issue:
  • Product Sourcing the Drop Shipping Way
  • McGrath: Finding Products to Sell on eBay at Wholesale Tradeshows
  • Collier: Shipping Costs and Your Bottom Line
  • Buy Locally, Sell Globally
  • Timing Your Auctions
  • eBay Fails to Wow Wall Street
  • to Open Fixed-Price Liquidation Site
  • eBay Wins in Tiffany Trademark Case
  • Auctiva User Survey
  • Recent Feedback from an Auctiva User


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Product Sourcing the Drop Shipping Way
Focus on growing your online business by outsourcing order fulfillment.
by staff writer
Many retail merchants looking for products to sell without the high costs of inventory and the hassles of packing and shipping products have discovered drop shipping to be the perfect solution. With this model, you list and sell a product at whatever retail price you set, collect your money, and then order the product from a drop-ship wholesale supplier, who packs and ships the product directly to your customer.  Read story

Finding Products to Sell on eBay at Wholesale Tradeshows
Tips for navigating supplier conventions, large and small
by Skip McGrath

Shipping Costs and Your Bottom Line
An analysis of options for domestic shipping of standard-size packages
by Marsha Collier

Buy Locally, Sell Globally
Turn routine shopping trips into eBay treasure hunts.

Timing Your Auctions
Scheduling your auctions for best results

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Unique eBay Auctions

unique item Lynn Dralle book

Your Face Here
Want your likeness immortalized but fearful that the face of Mt. Rushmore can't accommodate another face? How about tattooing your mug on the torso of a complete stranger. For just $100,000, this seller will tattoo your face on his side, and he promises he won't later have it removed. Perhaps this is the answer to the age-long question of what you get for the person who has everything.

unique item

My Left Shoe
Ordinarily, you probably wouldn't pay much for a tattered size 8 black suede shoe. But if the fact that this particular piece of footwear has traveled with a rock band and been in most major cities in the contiguous 48 states would make you reevaluate its value, then you're the kind of potential buyer this seller is looking for. You'll receive photos of the shoe at attractions like Disney World that it's seen on its estimated 20,000 miles of lifetime travel.

unique item

Happy Nappy
OK. This is little more than a paper napkin with a happy face drawn on it. But this seller promises a little more: "With all the fear and negativity in the news, all the stress and strain from work and school, you just need to take a break from it all and smile," he writes. "Happy Nappy is sure to help you crack a smile in your stressful day, remember you live only once, why go though it sad and dismally? Just Smile."

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News Stories


eBay Fails to Wow Wall Street
In Amazon's shadow, slowing growth disappoints.
feesShares of eBay Inc. are still down, more than a week after taking a beating on Wall Street following the company's good news-bad news earnings report of July 16. Read story to Open Fixed-Price Liquidation Site will compete with

eBay Wins in Tiffany Trademark Case
Auction platform ruled not liable for sale of fakes on its site.

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Auctiva User Survey

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Recent Feedback

In response to our news story about eBay's earnings report, user "Carlos" writes: "I really believe the reason for the price of eBay stock has dropped due to many sellers leaving eBay…[I] hope they [make] some better changes that will benefit the sellers, whom are also buyers. This way they can become the powerhouse they were a couple of years ago. If not, they will loose investor money and we as users will loose out too."  Read the entire thread, and post your response.

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