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Frequently Asked Question:

How do I update my product’s quantity across all channels with one action?

It’s quite easy. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to your Product Catalog page within your Auctiva account.
  2. Use the left filter to find the product(s) you need to update. Notice you can use the “Qty” filter to search for products that are currently out of stock, or you can search for a range of quantity.
  3. Then, click the “Bulk Actions” button located at the top of the page and select to bulk edit the quantity and price.
  4. Notice, the price and quantity fields have become editable, in which you can now input the new value and click the “Submit & Update” button.
  5. That’s it! Our system will submit the updates to all linked channels, generally taking a few seconds to a few minutes to complete.