Organization Takes A Turn

9:49 AM PST, 8/28/2010

If your were to ask any of my 6 children what song would best represent the "theme" of their childhood, you would receive a unanimous Turn! Turn! Turn! (a song adapted from the Book of Ecclesiates in the Bible and set to music by Pete Seeger.  It was actually recorded in 1962.)

This was due to the fact that I had an uncanny sense of direction...meaning that I almost always turned the wrong way.  There was alot of turning in those days; mostly turning around!

This leads into what I want this blog to represent.  Let's turn things around and have MY blog be about YOU! 

Wouldn't that be fun?

What you like, what you feel, what you did or want to do, the reason that you sell or buy on Ebay, your example, your ideas, your interests.  I have been impressed and amazed by some of the people that I have had the pleasure to work with, since starting my Ebay journey.  I would love to Organize a little space on the web, where we can share our POSITIVE and UPLIFTING stories.  

Of course organization is important to all of us in every definition of the word.  We sell products to help you live a less cluttered and chaotic life. If your would like to read more about our Kalencom Diaper Bags, Purse To Go Organizers, Purseket Organizers, Clipa Purse Hangers and Fun and Flirty Aprons, don't worry...we will chat about these as well!  We LOVE the cute and practical variety of items that we sell and only work with quality products that we use ourselves!  We are constantly looking for new products and would really welcome and appreciate any suggestions.

So how about it?  I will be watching and listening, (so to speak,) for note-worthy stories to share.  I will always ask for your permission before I highlight you in my blog.

Until happy and productive,













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