• Toy Bizarre by Activision: Tips Tricks Hints and Strategies

    7:20 PM PST, 7/27/2018

    The minimum score required in Toy Bizarre by Activision for the Commodore 64 to earn a patch was: 70,000. The best advice in Toy Bizarre is to read the manual. Activision Toy Bizarre is a bizarre action game filled with many things going on and all at the same time. Gaming selections are a one or two players by pressing F1 or F5. You can also press Run/Stop to pause the game at any time and then press again to continue. Controls are left, right, up, and down and you use the button to jump. You start off with four Merton's in reserve with a max number of nine. It is day one on a Monday and the work shift clock starts at 12:00am midnight. The work shift is a typical eight hour day. Earn an extra life at each 10,000 points scored or when a Merton head appears on the screen. The game ends when you run out of lives. The screen is filled with lots of eye candy and many things going on all at once. At the top left is the score, next to that are the remaining lives. In the center top is the high score that has been achieved. To the right of high score is the current day. And to the far right on top is the time of day. Right below all of the indicators are the balloons. These represent how many balloons you'll have to pop before proceeding to the next level. On day one, or at 12:00, there are six balloons to pop. Extra balloons are added as the level of difficulty increases. The color of the balloons represents which enemy toy will be on that level. As you begin there are platforms in a section of that ledge that you jump on to stun the enemies as they walk across it or land on it. You can use this to your advantage knowing which platform makes the rise. With each new level your ledge screens are always changing so keep in mind the placement of these platforms as it will help in stunning the enemies as they land. You will also have to contend with "valves". There are six on each level. As you pass these valves you will be turning them off. But beware as Hefty Hilda can turn them back on. These valves inflate the enemy balloons which also quickly release the toys "Twirly", "Whirly", "Springer" and "Scooter". The balloons will shake just before they release a toy so be quick to pop them, otherwise you'll lose a life if you touch them. If you didn't pop one of the balloons that quick, you can always look to see if one of the toys lands on a platform. It will begin to blink. This blinking indicates that you will not die, since they are in stun mode and you can quickly jump on them to score points. You also will receive bonus points for each remaining minute that are on the clock until the next hour. The Safety Check boards appear every two hours. This board is like a bonus round as you don't have the balloons/toys to contend with. Your objective here is to turn off the valves as quickly as you can to gain the most bonus points. Remember that Hilda has a walking pattern. So be mindful of where she goes to make your movements more effective. By 5am, or the second safety check time, you will now have two Hefty Hilda's to contend with, so the pressure is on to be even more observant of where the Hilda's are. At hour 7:00 on the clock, there will be a coffee break notice at the bottom of the screen. This freezes anything on the screen making it easier for you to kill everything. Don't be fooled as the bonus points from the clock count down as it is time for another safety check. On the third safety check there are two Hilda's and now one clone Merton. You really need to be alert at this point of all your movements. After completing that safety check it is now time for your new day of work. Have fun as the madness starts all over again. When you are ready to submit a world record score for Stampede by Activision, check the scoreboard here: And when you've earned your patch, just visit
  • River Raid II by Activision: Tips Tricks Hints and Strategies

    2:25 PM PST, 7/21/2018

    The minimum score required in River Raid II by Activision for the Atari 2600 to earn a patch was: No patch was ever offered in River Raid II. The best advice in River Raid II is to read the manual, so that you know all of the nuances of the game. The manual gives some really good tips. Make sure both difficulty switches are set to B. Activision River Raid II starts off where the previous version left off. River Raid II is the original River Raid plus much more. This is a one or two player game. In the two player selection you must wait for player one to complete his turn. The joystick controls are as usual, left or right to bank the plane in that direction and up or down to increase or decrease the altitude of the plane. The button controls the choice of fire. To shoot flying enemies just press the button and you'll fire a missile. To shoot enemies on the ground or to blow up the bridge, press the button and pull back on the stick to drop torpedoes. The A/B difficulties in this game make a huge difference in game play. Difficulty "A" is the expert setting where the missiles are unguided and the torpedoes shoot straight. On difficulty "B" setting, the Novice position, you are able to guide the missiles and torpedoes with the joystick after firing. As you take off from the carrier, the mission is to destroy everything in sight. Refuel by flying over the gold refueling planes. You can also refuel by flying over floating buoys in the water. There is a warning sound that sounds once fuel gets low. But in such an action packed game I'm sure one will keep an eye on those alert gauges. If you do happen to run out of fuel, the plane will crash and a reserve plane is lost. In the middle of the lower part of the screen is the radar map. This is where progress is shown, and the yellow square indicates where the plane is located. The distance and location of the bridge is also shown by a yellowish flashing square which scrolls with the movement of the land. Below the map are the Altitude, Fuel, and Speed. All are indicated by yellow and when they are depleting they change to red. The reserve planes are also indicated below. Once in the air, the thrust indicator will be replaced by an altimeter. To fly higher, pull back on the joystick. To decrease altitude, push forward. You must be vigilant about keeping an eye on the altimeter, because if you fly too low and are over land you will crash. There is an indicator that flashes red if you are precariously close to the ground. There is plenty going on in this game. The enemies are helicopters, fighter jets, and flak bursts, so avoid contact with any of these. You can shoot down the helicopters and jets, but the flak cannot be destroyed, so fly clear of them. Points are awarded depending on the enemies that are hit. Blowing up the bridge is the most points awarded at 2500. To land on the carrier, pull the joystick back to reduce altitude and hold down the button. The altimeter is again replaced by the thrust bar. Increase thrust until you reach the aircraft carrier. As soon as you are over the carrier, release the button and push the joystick forward to land the plane. The game is over if you lose all of your reserve planes. Once you land on the aircraft carrier, you can either start a new game or continue the game that you are currently playing with a more difficult and expert mission. When you are ready to submit a world record score for River Raid II by Activision, check the scoreboard:
  • Kung Fu Master by Activision: Tips Tricks Hints and Strategies

    5:56 PM PST, 7/13/2018

    The minimum score required in Kung Fu Master by Activision for the Atari 2600 to earn a patch was: No patch was ever offered in Kung Fu Master. The best advice in Kung Fu Master is to read the manual, so that you know all of the nuances of the game. The manual gives some really good tips. Make sure both difficulty switches are set to B. Kung Fu Master by Activision will test your martial art skills to their limits. In this game you must rescue the Princess from the evil wizard's temple and save the day. You have two gaming selections to choose from; One player mode and two player mode. The controls are as usual. To move Thomas, your character, move the joystick up, down, left, or right. To jump push the joystick forward, and to squat pull the joystick down. To do a high kick move the joystick in that direction while pressing the button. For a low kick pull the joystick back, and press the button while facing in the direction that you choose. To do a high punch move the joystick diagonally in the direction of the enemy. To do a low punch pull the joystick back diagonally in the direction of the enemy. To break the henchmans' grip, move the joystick left and right rapidly. By using your martial art skills, you'll learn how to demolish the attacking enemy henchmen, knife throwers, dragons, and a bevy of other's that want to kill you. Once you clear out all the enemies for each level you will advance to the next level. There are five levels in total. The energy meter and timer will be reset each time a level is cleared. This side scrolling game offers much for the action packed fighting enthusiast. There is a bug where no points are awarded for killing the knife throwers, so don't really waste time on them unless you have to. On the upper left side of the screen in white is the "Timer" that starts out at 2000. As the game progresses, the timer will always deplete until you've defeated the boss on that level or the timer goes to zero. There is a warning sound if your timer reaches 200. If the timer reaches zero, a life is lost. Below the timer in green is the "Score". You score points for each enemy that is killed and for bonus given for time remaining when completing each level. Below your score are 5 blue boxes. These boxes indicate which floor you are on: 1-5. The red blinking box is your current floor. Below your floor is the "Players Energy". It starts off in yellow and turns to blue as you sustain hits. And finally below the players energy bar is the "Boss Enemy's Energy Bar". It too decreases as you attack and connect with the boss enemy giving him damage. It starts off in red and changes to blue as he gets hit. You kill him once all his energy is gone. To the right of your hit counter is how many men that you have in reserve, you start out with 3 and obtain an extra at 75,000 points. Knowing which attacks to use on which enemy makes you more efficient at completing your task at saving the princess. Using the wrong attack moves at the wrong time on the wrong enemies will cost you precious energy on your meter. There is an enemy snake, but don't bother with him just avoid him and let him pass as he is unstoppable. TIPS: Always keep an eye on your timer as you can be absorbed in the mist of fighting and neglect to see how fast it is decreasing. You can score lots of points on the 2nd floor in the magic section, so milk the points there. When you are ready to submit a world record score for Kung Fu Master by Activision, check the scoreboard:
  • Ghostbusters by Activision: Tips Tricks Hints and Strategies

    1:18 PM PST, 7/7/2018

    The minimum score required in Ghostbusters by Activision for the Atari 2600 to earn a patch was: No patch was ever offered in Ghostbusters. The best advice in Ghostbusters is to read the manual, so that you know all of the nuances of the game. The manual gives some really good tips. Make sure both difficulty switches are set to B. Place the controller in the left port and reset the game. The left and right difficulties have no effect at the beginning of the game. You''ll begin with 5000$ to start your Ghostbusters business. You must earn money before the ghosts' energy "PK" reaches critical mass at 9999. After pressing the game reset you'll see the equipment selection screen. This is where you purchase gear & supplies. Choose items: Image Intensifier, Bait, Ghost Vacuum, and Traps. Each item is priced accordingly and you can purchase multiples of selected items by pressing the red button. After you've made all purchases, move the left difficulty button from the "B" position to the "A" position. You will now see the map screen and hear the Ghostbusters theme music. Zuul's temple is at the top center of the screen and your vehicle's location is represented by the Ghostbusters symbol on the streets. The PK indicator is at the bottom left of the screen right above your bank's balance. City blocks that are blinking red indicate that there is a Slimer in that area. So you drive to that location to capture. Once you've selected to engage that city block you now are in drive mode on your way to that block. Use your vacuum to capture any roamers indicated as a white ghost on your map. While you drive you can switch lanes to better position yourself to capture these roamers. If any roamers do reach Zuul's temple the city's PK reading increases by 100 units each time. Upon your arrival to that city block your vehicle will stop. Now you are on the busting ghost screen. Once you've arrived at the ghost infested location, press the button to deploy a trap. Once the trap is placed, move to the left of the screen and the second Ghostbuster will appear. Place the second Ghostbuster to the far right and position him facing the trap. Both Ghostbusters will then power up their negative ionizer backpacks. These ionizers are used to catch the ghost. By moving the Ghostbusters toward the center, you will be able to trap the ghost easily. Once the ghost is in sight, press the button and the trap will be released to pull in the ghost. But be exact because if you miss the ghost you will be slimed. The quicker you catch the ghost the more you will earn. If you let a slimer escape the PK will increase by 300 units. When you have run out of traps, get two men slimed, or cross streams, you must return to the Ghostbusters' headquarters to get replenished. Periodically you will lose control of your Ghostbusters. Always remember that the PK counter is always ticking and adding up. You'll also notice that the roamers are moving much quickly at this point. This means that the Marshmallow man is rapidly approaching. Your only way out is to drop your bait. To bait the Marshmallow man, move the right difficulty to the opposite position. If you're quick enough to catch the Marshmallow man you'll earn 2000$. If you're not fast enough to catch him, he will stomp on one of your city blocks and you will lose 4000$. You must sneak three of your Ghostbusters under the Marshmallow man’s legs to escape safely. If this is done properly, you'll beat Zuul for that moment and you'll be rewarded with 2000$ bonus. If the PK energy reaches 9999, and you do not have at least 1000$ in your bank account the game ends. If the cities PK reaches 9999 and you do have 1000$ in your bank account then you will have the opportunity to continue your game with the accumulated earnings. When you are ready to submit a world record score for Ghostbusters by Activision, check the scoreboard: