Seaquest by Activision: Tips Tricks Hints and Strategies

10:15 AM PST, 2/10/2018

The minimum score required in Seaquest by Activision for the Atari 2600 to earn a patch was: 50,000 points. The best advice in Seaquest is to read the manual, so that you know all of the nuances of the game. The manual gives some really good tips. Make sure both difficulty switches are set to B. Game starts when you submerge the sub. The controls of this game are pretty straight forward. You steer the sub to the left, right, up, or down. The button shoots torpedoes. Holding the button down results in continual fire. Your score is shown at the top of the screen. Reserve subs are under your score. You begin with three reserve subs, but can have a maximum of six. You will receive an extra sub with every 10,000 points. You have an oxygen meter at the bottom of the screen. Once you submerge the sub the oxygen tank will continually deplete your remaining amount until it is used up or until you resurface again. If you are low on oxygen you will hear a warning sound to let you know to get moving or you will lose a sub. If you surface your sub without any divers collected you will lose a reserve sub. It is possible to keep the top of the sub out of the water which will stop the oxygen from depleting without actually surfacing. The divers that you rescue are shown below your oxygen meter. You get points for rescuing the divers. They start off with a value of 50 points each, building up to a max point value of 1000 points. Once you've rescued two sets of six divers there will be an enemy patrol sub at the surface. This enemy sub will be on the move constantly. When you go to the surface to return the divers that you have rescued, make sure that you are behind the oncoming enemy sub, otherwise you will not be able to move until all your divers are returned and your oxygen tank is replenished. A collision will result in the loss of a reserve sub. There are enemies in this game such as sharks and enemy subs which shoot back at you. Points are awarded by shooting these enemies. Every time that your sub surfaces with the allotted six divers, the point values of the enemies increase by 10. Once you reach the max value of 90 points each, this is where the game becomes really interesting. There are waves of the oncoming enemies. They start off in groups of one, then increase to sets of two, and cap with a max of three. There are always four rows of enemies. **Keep in mind there are ways of controlling the groups of these enemies and using this technique to your advantage. Getting a feel of how to navigate the waters without colliding with any sharks or subs is a must. So rather than avoiding a row of three enemies, reduce them to one per row as this will be an easier way to maneuver around them. You can use the 5,4,2,6 method where you collect five divers, surface, lose one diver, then having four divers, re-submerge, collect two more divers, and resurface with all six divers to collect much more oxygen bonus. This also works to get away from the dreaded triple enemy levels and back to the single levels. There is a small area on the surface where your sub can hide from the top layer of the enemies who are in the water who cross the screen and stay well underneath the enemy patrol sub from above. Once you get to the level where there are three enemies in a row you can shoot two of them, so only one remains per row. Then it's easier to collect the divers having only one enemy per row. Max score is 999,999 points. When you are ready to submit a world record score for Seaquest by Activision, check the scoreboard here: And when you've earned your patch, just visit

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