Space Shuttle by Activision (Part 2): Tips Tricks Hints and Strategies

12:21 PM PST, 3/6/2018

Continued from part 1: Once you are in space at the altitude of 210 miles above the Earth, the search begins for the orbiting satellite. The screen will indicate when the satellite is present and it will appear on the screen. Once you've done this the screen will flash RENDEVOUS. At that point it will be followed by FUEL and your fuel is replenished to 9999 max. Once that is completed the satellite will move away and then it's your (A, X, and Z axis) controls again for your descent and reentry back to Earth. It will not be that simple as there is the reentry burn stage at or around 170 miles above the Earth's surface. There are other hazards that you'll have to monitor constantly throughout the descent. Warnings and alert signs are usually accompanied by flashing and audible sounds. The burn stage will last till about 100 miles above the Earth's surface when the window screen stops flashing. As you navigate through space back to Earth, you will constantly view what is being displayed on the green screen for guidance. As you get out of the burn stage, the visible sky becomes present again with stars. The sky color will change from blue, purple, to a pinkish color, and will begin flashing again. When you do finally reach close to the Earth's surface, the view will change to an orange and reddish color for land. This is now time to go into search mode for the landing strip. You rely once again on your computer's green screen for positioning. Place the blinking white dot in the center of that inverted V shaped visual on the screen for the landing strip. The landing strip, once in site, will show up glowing white and will be more present and larger as you get closer to landing. Once you have landed, it's time to get rewarded for your stellar performance. Good job Commander!!! And when you've earned your patch, just visit

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