Starmaster by Activision (Part 2): Tips Tricks Hints and Strategies

11:35 AM PST, 3/24/2018

Continued from part 1... You now advance on to the next invaded sector by switching the b/w & color switch again to travel on to the next sector that is occupied by enemies. If you are running low on energy you can always dock with a star base along the way, but doing this sacrifices needed time to defend and destroy as well as 100 points deducted from the final score. Docking with the Star Base is much like getting the enemy in your cross hairs, you do the same until you've docked and your energy is instantly boosted back to max 9999. Keep in mind that you're star bases are under the threat of being destroyed so careful observation of how close the enemies are to those star bases is important. Try not to let any star base be surrounded by the enemies or they will destroy it costing 500 points from the final score. Your mission is over when all the enemy ships are destroyed, or your ship is destroyed. Your mission also ends if you run out of energy. You can refer back to your galactic chart once again by pressing the b/w & color switch to see your evaluated mission and ranking score. You score points for a number of things along the way, you also take deductions depending on how well or poorly that you performed on your mission. Each game level has a "base score" with which you begin before deductions are made. Many key things factor in on how you are ranked. **TIPS Learning the control of how to shoot and destroy effectively using the least amount of energy. Be ready to immediately flip to the galactic chart and warp as soon as possible. Every seconds saved counts toward a better score. Try not to waste any time at all. When you are ready to submit a world record score for Starmaster by Activision, check the scoreboard here: And when you've earned your patch, just visit http://www.ActivisionPatches.

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