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    About Us:
    HISTORY... "About Me" I started out farming at an early age when my father bought a block of land in 1939 at French’s Forest in Sydney, NSW. My father eventually supplied 19 Florist shops throughout Sydney and Suburbs and ended up owning 2 florist shops of his own with the help of my mum and me of course. When we started there wasn’t any water so we had to cart water from 2 miles away in 40 gallon drums on the back of our farm truck…Everything had to be watered by hand with a watering can. Eventually my Dad dug out a Dam (our block was on a slight slope to the back) and pumped water to our overhead tanks. I lived, worked and learned a lot during those formative years on the farm until at 18 I joined the RAAF for 6 years, got married and of course built a home and started gardening as we all do. Having farming in the blood I started out growing Bulbs of all description on my tiny block of land in Elizabeth SA and ended up with over 250,000 bulbs… at this stage I had a stand at my local nursery (Peter Engel’s) and displayed my bulbs for sale there on a commission basis. All good things come to an end… we went to Woomera Rocket range for a 10 year period so flower gardens were very basic up there and involved very careful watering habits and mainly succulent & cacti type plants. After Woomera we had several homes and businesses until I retired and decided to settle down to good old gardening as a hobby. Naturally with my cut flower background I concentrated on masses of annual plants with backgrounds of shrubs and roses. Now with water restrictions and drought threatening nearly everywhere it is back to the Succulent phase of my life… long walks begging, borrowing & stealing cuttings over the neighbors fences etc and of course buying from the local nursery. It wasn’t until I searched on eBay that I realized that the cheapest way to get cuttings was to buy large mixed packs from the eBay vendors. I started out small but now I buy from practically every vendor and have found that even repeat purchases bring something new that I didn’t have. I must admit that I haven’t had any bad experiences on eBay with buying or selling so I can recommend it to anyone just starting out. Naturally I am biased but I can strongly recommend that the Garden of the future should only be succulents with a few of the cacti that don’t have those nasty prickles on them. We are always happy to help or give advice: please contact us via email on brucedot1@bigpond.com
    We specialize in succulent and cacti cuttings.
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    We mainly list on eBay however for local Adelaide customers we have an "open garden" policy whereby you may visit us at any time to discuss any problems you may have and to view or buy plants.
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    Our Information website.... http://www.bruceaiken.net/
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    We always use Australia post and we use the strong parcel packs that they supply to avoid any damage. We always pay for insurance so it is not necessary to register as we have a guaranteed delivery service.
    We guarantee that you will be very happy with your purchase.
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