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    7:47 AM PST, 6/8/2008

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    Going live to get more visibility for my blog!

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  • World War I History

    9:22 PM PST, 5/26/2008

    I am always amazed to run across a piece of history and just recently added a few World War I era postcards to my listings. One of them is a portrait picture of a major general who was stationed at Camp McArthur. This is some information I found out about him: Major General James Parker received the following citations Medal of Honor Citation: While in command of a small garrison, during Philippine-American War, repulsed a savage night attack by overwhelming numbers of the enemy, fighting at close quarters in the dark for several hours. Decorations In addition to the Medal of Honor, Major General Parker was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and three Silver Stars for his service and battlefield exploits. The postcard is also signed, most likely from a soldier from the 32nd division that was made up from the Wolverine and Badger National Guardsman. To check this and few other World War I postcards, visit my store at
  • Grading Vintage Magazines and Papers

    7:19 AM PST, 5/15/2008

    Grading Guide for Vintage Magazines As I struggle with getting the word out on posting and describing consistently the quality of an item I am looking to setting up a ten point grading system. Reviewing my peers who are in similar line I have found some very good recommendations that follow along the lines for comic book ratings. Over the next month you are going to see me transition my listings using this format for determine grades for vintage magazines and newspapers. 10/10: Absolutely pristine, off-the-rack, perfect. You just bought it at the newsstand last week and picked out the best copy available. I seriously will not use this grade on anything issued before this year. 9/10: Mint. About as perfect as can be. The only difference between this and a 10/10 is that it may have been read once or twice before being put in plastic. Maybe the cover is not as bright as it used to be, but it's not faded either. 9/10 and 10/10 really only apply to new magazines, you're not going to be placing these numbers on your vintage back issues. I'll very rarely go this high even on issues from the 1980's. 8/10: Near Mint. Clean. Tightly bound. No mailing label. Not quite perfect, but almost. We're talking about a slight loss of shine to the cover, maybe the tip of a corner bent back on the cover. Many others would use a 9 or 10 here, but I feel those numbers call for perfection, this is about as good as an older publication is going to get. 7/10: Excellent-Mint. May have a mailing label if it's still neatly affixed. May have one or two minor flaws that don't jump out at you, such as a slightly curled up corner on the cover, the slightest bit of edge wear (but no tears), some very light rubbing along the edge of the spine, a hint of stress marks on the covers near the spine, or a slight crease on an inside page or two. 6/10: Excellent +. A copy that's been carefully read with a couple of the minor flaws such as those mentioned above but slightly more worn: your curled up corner now has a crease at the tip, edge wear grows heavier but still no tears, heavier rubbing along spine, more apparent stress marks, maybe a 1/4" or less tear to the edge of an inside page. Still very nice. 5/10: Excellent. Exactly what you'd think: Average. A copy of a magazine that's seen it's time on the coffee table but has not fallen prey to any mishaps. More of what's above. Maybe the very beginning of a split at the very top or bottom of the spine (and I'm talking 1/8" or less, more of a fray than a split). Some light age toning to the inside pages. Sometimes there will be a nice issue with a thumbprint or blurred printing on the covers. Still very nice without any damage that jumps out at you but appears on closer inspection. NOTE: Sometimes when grading magazines that fall below the EX range I'll use half-point ratings, as different faults sometimes don't lend themselves to absolute grades. 4/10: Very Good. A well-read copy of a magazine where the above flaws are approaching damage. Rubbing may be heavier, splits from 1/4" to 1/2" at top and bottom of spine, cover may have creasing but still not heavy or excessive. 1/4" to 1/2" edge tears into covers and pages. Light soiling to covers. Note, my 4/10 issues won't have all of this damage, but one or two items which obviously knock it down from our average 5/10 issue. If an issue looks handsome but upon closer inspection I end generating a long list of minor flaws I'll knock it down a little more to a 3.5/10. 3/10. Good. Now the magazine is getting a little beat up. May have some binding issues such as a rolled spine. May have some soiling and/or staining on the covers. Longer splits in the spine but the covers are holding on. I think of a 3/10 magazine as beat-up. I'll grade many issues 3.5/10 because they are a 4/10 to 5/10 issue that has one or two of the more major flaws. Bottom line on a 3/10 is that it is still complete with covers and no missing pages, but there may be some small pieces torn from the edges. 2/10: Fair. Beat. When I grade an issue 2/10 it might have a couple of cut-outs or even detached pages and covers, but all of the pages are present. If my 2/10 issue is still complete then it is going to have some major obvious damage to it.. 1/10: Poor. Pages torn out. Covers missing. Heavy soiling and/or staining. Really any magazine that is too beat-up to grade 2/10. 0/10 Very Poor. Covers or pages missing, pages that are unreadable or severe water damage. Magazine or Newspaper has significant historical articles or ads pages that may be desirable on their own but have somehow survived to rate at least Good. If you want to see what I currently have listed please visit my online store at
  • Rollo on the Atlantic

    12:37 PM PST, 5/12/2008

    You never know when you are going to run across a piece of American history you are going to put up for auction that touches you in a way this item has me. Reviewing the history of this item struck me that I found this era's equivalent Harry Potter story. This book is part of a series of books involving a twelve year old boy who is on his own set in many settings. The settings where designed to give the young readers a taste of how to deal with real life situations in a changing environment of the time as transportation methods where opening up the world. These books where published from the 1850's to the early 1900's and where vastly popular during their time. This book covers his adventures on the high seas of the Atlantic. The personal nature of this book struck me as it has a personal note from a teacher to student as a gift for meeting the attendance requirements. The style of the handwriting is reflective of the time and really gives this book character beyond one I have seen in some of the older books I have put up for auction. A great find and one of the reasons I love doing this is you never know when you are going to run into a piece of Americana that reflects a personal touch from a time gone by. If interested in seeing the inscription I have it posted Check it out in my book section.
  • Life Magazines

    8:24 AM PST, 5/6/2008

    Pricing for Life Magazines has been interesting in trying to sell on my online store. As of yet, no sales so far and even adjusted my pricing to better compete against the lowly auctions and other online stores. The inventory currently available is from the greatest generation and world war II. These magazines are in great shape compared to some have seen posted around. I need to figure out how to generate interest and drive folks to these listings to give them opportunity to see how great quality they are truly in. Many of them still have the card inserts in them. How to sell Life Magazines so far has eluded me in the competitive online market. I have allot more to list but also many more items to list. Where to put the time for listings will be key. I do see several sites are actually listing the advertisements by themselves. Some of these are selling for higher prices than I am listing the whole magazine. Going to explore this and see if it is an opportunity for me to use the magazines I currently have. I hate to destroy a good magazine but also need to learn where the demand is for these magazines. If like to view what I have please visit
  • ROS Getting Started

    10:28 AM PST, 5/5/2008

    Well we have thrown our hat in the ring for trying the online internet format. I have been working on expanding the listings and targeted Life Magazines and comics. Still working out the listing process and its slow going. The toys and games so far have been seen the most action with the Marx and Wyandotte brands receiving allot of attention. I am also testing the waters for my fantasy and battle tech gaming collection. I have a few of my professionally painted mechs up and a few blisters of Ral Partha orcs. If these sell well then I will begin listing these more broadly instead of holding them out for my yearly auction convention visit. I also listed 1956 Singer sewing machine and trying to figure out shipping for that container will be a challenge next week. Back to the grind and please feel free to visit