How to Set Up Automatic Feedback

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Auctiva allows you to automatically send feedback to your buyers. This can help you save time in managing your transactions. This tutorial will show you how to set up the automatic feedback feature.


When a buyer leaves you feedback for a transaction, you can also give feedback that reviews the performance of the buyer. Usually, this includes comments about the nature of the transaction. For example, a basic feedback message for a positive transaction between you and the buyer could be "Great buyer, quick payment!"


When setting up automatic feedback, you can choose from a default feedback message or a variety of feedback messages that are used in a cycle. Before you can enable automatic feedback, you must have a default feedback message.

Step 1. Create default feedback message.

  • Click on the Sales tab. This will take you to the Sales page. Under "Automated Feedback" in the Sales Tools section, click on the "Create/Manage" link. (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Go to the Feedback page.

  • Feedback Message: Enter in your feedback message. This must be positive feedback that will be given to a buyer who completes a transaction with you.
  • Default: Select this checkbox to make this message the default feedback message.
  • Click on the Save button. A confirmation message will display.
  • If you plan to only use this default feedback message for the Auto-Feedback feature, skip to Step 2. Otherwise, continue with this step to create more feedback messages to cycle through so that your feedback has some variances.
  • Feedback Message: Enter another feedback message.
  • Cycle: Select this checkbox to make this feedback message one of the many feedback messages that can be automatically used.
  • Click on the Save button. A confirmation message will display.
  • Continue this process to make new feedback messages with each of them having slight variances until you feel that you have enough unique messages to use in the cycle. Make sure to select the Cycle checkbox for each new feedback message you create.

Step 2. Edit feedback settings.

  • Hover your mouse over the My Account tab and click on the "Feedback" link (Figure 2). The Feedback Settings page will load.

Figure 2. Go to the Feedback Settings page.

  • Enable Auto-Feedback: Select this checkbox to enable the Auto-Feedback feature.
  • Use Cycled Feedback Messages: Select this checkbox if you have created feedback messages with the "Cycle" option. If you are only using a default message this checkbox should be unselected.
  • Receive Auto-Feedback Summary Emails: Select this checkbox if you want to receive email messages regarding the automatic feedback messages left to your buyers.
  • Click on the Save button to enable the Auto-Feedback feature.

This completes the task of setting up your automatic feedback feature in Auctiva.

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