Close Encounter with Archangel Michael

4:43 AM PST, 12/15/2008

One day my colleague Suze was healing a friend with the help of another person. This is her account of her close encounter with Archangel Michael. 

 "This is the first time that I can recall ever seeing an Angel in front of my eyes actually in the room. I have been able to feel their presence and hear them, maybe caught glimpses of light. 

I remember calling in more protection for my friend. The assistant in the room also felt his presence but I was busy watching him come into the room. He was HUGE he had to shrink down so much just to fit into the room which had quite high ceilings. I knew who he was straight away as I had called upon Archangel Michael and I asked him in my mind is this you and are these the right colours I am seeing and he said yes.

He had huge golden wings which were just like pure gold and his wings seemed to be able to move down a bit like an elevator every which way. They moved along the healing table and wrapped my friend up like a cocoon only leaving her face out and covering her from head to toe. It is at this time that my friend
started to let her emotions out.

I just watched him in awe. He told me to make sure that I told Glenyss what he looked like and was very insistent on getting the colours right. I did this and Glenyss painted him. 

He was happy with the energy connection of this painting to him and was quite particular in how it was done. He told me that many people say that he is really blue and he is not blue. This confuses the energy connection to him and often calls on others. He told me that to be sure you are only connected to the "True Light", this is how you know you are connected to the highest possible place with no interference. I often work very closely with Archangel Michael." 

Suze and I sat down together and she helped to guide me whilst I painted. I soon was able to tune in and finish the painting by myself. The energy I was aware of while Painting Archangel michael was awesome . It was an incredible experience and  afterwards many other Archangels worked with me to enable me to paint them! 

The energy of the archangels is connected to the paintings of them and helps to enhance their energy connection to those who purchase the Archangel paintings.

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