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    About Us:
    Formed from the ashes of another similar business, Fastwrecks: Sportscar Salvage is a woman-owned, small automotive parts supplier. We supply other automotive businesses, hobbyists, restorers and anyone working on their own cars. We’re based in Northeast Ohio but ship products world-wide. We seek out sports cars and coupes with valued parts for customers looking to repair or restore their ride. We also purchase lots of new old stock and used parts to resell. We occasionally repair/rebuild a car for fun. Oh, and the owner is a pretty cool chick, too!
    New Old Stock automotive parts, used car parts,classic car, sports car, muscle car and tuner car parts. We also seek out car parts, tools, collectables and automotive and auto racing memorabilia. We currently inventory parts for Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang, Porsche 914, Dodge Daytona Shelby, Toyota Supra MK3 and many others. We are not a scrap yard. We salvage the best parts from wrecked or blown up cars and then the car continues on to a scrap yard to complete recycling. We resell the best parts, recycle much of the plastic back into the recycling stream, and send the rest to salvage yards to complete the recycling process.
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    Most items are shipped free via United States Postal Service with some going via UPS, FedEx, Greyhound Package Express/Busfreighter. We occasionally ship large items via Fastenal 3PL, assorted domestic and ocean freight providers. We can get any item anywhere in the world. Please have realistic expectations if you want an engine shipped to Yemen and other points abroad. We can do it, but it's not cheap. We offer very minimal handling fees.
    Absolutely no returns after 30 days under and circumstances.
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    Tax Information:
    Taxes are included in the price of the item and collected as required by law.