Auctiva Emporium

OLD Mazda light bulb display trade sign "very rare"

  • $4000.00

1940's Key Work Clothes NEON display clock sign "OLD"

  • $2500.00

OLD 1910 - 20's Dentist glass sign pre-porcelain neon

  • $4500.00

1920 Admiration Cigar tin lithograph sign pre porcelain

  • $2500.00

1920's ? Bertram Mills Circus glass painted sign

  • $3550.00

1950's Crown overalls clothes neon display clock sign excellent & OLD

  • $1750.00

1950's Vagabon Motor Hotel SO California Hobo brass sign ..see my porcelain neon

  • $450.00

1930's Packard sign from the porcelain neon sign era

  • $7500.00

1920's pre neon Dentist sign milk glass letters w/ porcelain light bulb sockets

  • $6500.00

1800's S. Hernsheim, El Belmont cigars lithograph saloon pre porcelain sign OLD

  • $4500.00

Indianapolis 500 speedway souvenir license plate topper sign w/ race car 1950's

  • $1500.00

1800's Budweiser Girl Calendar Replica dated 1966 Anheuser Bush OLD

  • $160.00

1920's Keen Kutter porcelain flange display sign, very old and good condition **

  • $6500.00

Waverly Rye Whiskey pre pro 1910, chalk pre porcelain neon sign New York City

  • $5500.00

Econolite Scene in action Motion Lamp Vintage WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER DRINK WATER

  • $350.00

Precision neon plant by Daco,complete,working.. lots of glass tubing top of line

  • $10500.00

Cities Service Gas cloth sign clock face gas pump, globe, sign, n/ porcelain

  • $3250.00

1913 Central Shoes punched tin sign display,w/ porcelain housing,The MacSavaney

  • $2600.00

1930's RARE Coca Cola porcelain 2 sided sign, its non-neon, excellent condition

  • $14500.00

Cooks Beer 1940's Indy 500 race sign reverse paint glass no porcelain or neon **

  • $4500.00

Vintage OLD 1920's Valley Forge Military Academy wood trade sign,not porcelain

  • $15500.00

1920's Northland Greyhound Bus porcelain sign, see my other neon sign listings

  • $6500.00

Vintage Old Farquhar Tractor IRON AGE porcelain sign, check out my listed neon

  • $4750.00

OLD Original Vintage 1953 Ford Jubilee porcelain neon sign EXCELLENT condition

  • $85500.00

OLD 1950's Ford shield crest Jubilee sign. see my other porcelain neon auctions

  • $13500.00

Old Vintage Van Dam Cigars tobacco tin sign ,look at my porcelain neon auction

  • $1150.00

OLD Duke's Mixture porcelain Tobacco sign palm press,see my porcelain neon signs

  • $550.00

OLD 6' tall Clarks Super Gas sign , look at my porcelain oil, neon signs,1 sided

  • $9500.00

OLD 1800's Fancy Chimney Pot Pots antique original antique architectural

  • $1550.00

Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR Camera with Canon EF 28-135 +EF 75-300 mm, battery, 32g

  • $579.00

Old-Chevrolet-Used-Car-OK-porcelain-neon-sign Old-Chevrolet-Used-Car-OK-porcel

  • $6750.00

Old Perry 1940's Chevrolet dealership sign , see my other porcelain neon signs

  • $2650.00

OLD Munsingwear Porcelain Sign. look at my other neon signs & clock. clothing

  • $12500.00

OLD Dutch Tire Patch Kit..see my other porcelain neon sign auctions..OIL CAN

  • $150.00

OLD Door Stop Blodgett Studio Cast Iron sign,see my other porcelain neon auction

  • $2025.00

Old Coca Cola script letters neon sign.see my other porcelain auctions Syracuse

  • $6500.00

Old Coca Cola script neon sign."see my other porcelain signs" Syracuse New York

  • $5500.00

OLD Red Head Gas Belt & Buckle C my other eBay auctions for porcelain neon sign

  • $200.00

OLD 1950's United Service Porcelain Neon Sign service for Chevrolet Ford Pontiac

  • $16500.00

1931 Goodyear Akron Zeppelin race, garage sign ww2 Bourke-White photo OLD

  • $6500.00

Charles Cuomo Cheese from New York Tin over cardboard sign,see my porcelain neon

  • $675.00

1950's Pontiac Porcelain sign, check out my other neon signs for Chevrolet,Ford

  • $19500.00

Antique rare Dental Chair cast iron.see my other Vintage porcelain neon sign OLD

  • $2750.00

OLD Marmon Auto sign early 1900's see smaltz porcelain neon sign Ford Cadillac

  • $9500.00

Old antique Barber Dental Dentist chair my porcelain neon sign Ford, Pontiac

  • $2750.00

Wayne 60 Shell gas pump, see my other porcelain neon sign. gas & oil auto, Ford

  • $4750.00

1800's Rare Copper Cauldron Dovetailed, hand made , primitive planter , LARGE,

  • $750.00

1800's Copper Cauldron hot water tea coffee tea handmade pot Cooke Stubinger OLD

  • $500.00

Helen Keller Book My Life, RARE signed typed letter,news article, Autographed

  • $2500.00

Old BUICK porcelain neon sign 1940's--2 sided dealership sign, original N Mint

  • $25000.00
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