USPS Adds Service to Foster Trust

Co-branded labels allow buyers and sellers to track shipments from China.

by staff writer
- Apr 21, 2011

The United States Postal Service and Hongkong Post are teaming up to help buyers and sellers in their countries feel more secure about their shipments, and to encourage e-commerce growth.

USPS and Hongkong Post have partnered to launch ePacket, a service that will allow buyers in the U.S. to track the items they buy from sellers in Hong Kong via, and for sellers in Hong Kong to do the same using Hongkong Post's tracking system. This is made possible by co-branded labels that are now available for items of up to 4.4 pounds that are sent using Hongkong Post. These labels allow the shipping services to share information, and for packages to be shipped as USPS First Class Mail with delivery confirmation once they enter the States.

"This agreement offers visibility previously unavailable in the small packet segment between Hong Kong Post and the Postal Service," says Paul Vogel, president and chief marketing sales officer. "It shows the Postal Service has the flexibility to develop service options to meet demand from businesses around the world. Further, it solidifies our role as a key supplier in global commerce."

USPS says it hopes the new service will foster growth in e-commerce.

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