How to Add Search Categories to Your Auctiva Emporium

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Auctiva allows you to add search categories to your Auctiva Emporium that will automatically return your listings in search results based on keywords that you choose. This tutorial will show you how to add search categories to your Emporium.


A search category is a link that will perform an automatic search within your Emporium when a visitor clicks on it. This functionality makes the search categories seem more like a simple category link, where users can find products by a general category. The major difference is that the search category uses a keyword search that references your listing titles to find the results. You get to choose the keywords for the category search. The search is done automatically and the results return quickly so that the Web visitor rarely knows that a search was performed.


You can add up to 10 search categories to your Auctiva Emporium.

Step 1. Add a search category.

  • Hover your mouse over the Stores tab and click on the "Search Categories" link (Figure 1.1). The Custom Searches page will load.

Figure 1.1. Go to the Custom Searches page.

  • Link Text: Enter the name that will be the link text (i.e., the name that Web visitors will see) for this search category. For example, if you are creating a search category for bumper stickers, you could enter "Bumper Stickers" in this field (Figure 1.2).

Figure 1.2. Example of a link text on an Auctiva Emporium.

  • Keywords: Enter the keywords that will be used for the automatic search. The keywords you enter will be checked against the listing titles. No other field will be searched for results. Separate keywords with a comma (Figure 1.3).
  • Match Logic: Select whether all keywords need to be matched in a listing title or just any keywords need to be matched to return search results.

Figure 1.3. Search category options.

  • ¬†Click the Add New Search button to save this search category. The search category will appear in the Current Searches section. You can add more search categories in the Add New section.
  • To view and test your search categories, go to your Auctiva Emporium. Click on the Stores tab, then click on the thumbnail image in the Auctiva Emporium box (Figure 1.4). Your Emporium will load in a new browser window.

Figure 1.4. View your Auctiva Emporium to test the search categories.

This completes the task of creating search categories for your Emporium.

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