eBay + Amazon

We’ve integrated with the eBay US and Amazon US marketplaces to provide an efficient multi-channel selling experience. One place, one solution.

With our efficient multi-channel listing and marketing toolset, you're able to scale your ecommerce business and expand your product reach easily, without the worry of overselling.

Products & Listings

Product & Listing Management

Manage your products & listings across all linked channels from one place. With our robust set of bulk editing tools, you’ll be able to manage, edit and update your multi-channel product and listing details easily and efficiently.

Inventory Management & Syncing

You decide how your inventory is managed.
Auto-Synced Quantity automatically syncs your product stock quantities across all channels whenever a sale occurs or the quantity has been updated. Even if you have a quantity of one, this setting allows you to expand your product reach without the worry of overselling.
Allocated Quantity means that you specify the quantity for each listing on each marketplace. Simply put, we will not sync your quantity across channels if this setting is turned on.

Automatic Importing

No matter where or when you create a listing, our system automatically imports it into your Auctiva account to ensure everything is always up-to-date.

1-Page Multi-Channel Lister

Easily create a new product and send it to all channels at the same time. Plus, whenever the product is available in a channel’s catalog, we’ll pull the details and automatically fill in the product info for you.

Catalog Matching

We’ll match your product’s GTIN (UPC, EAN, ISBN or MPN) to the channel’s catalog item to ensure your product has the right details for that channel.


If you have products listed on one channel and need help adding them onto another channel, we can help. One of the easiest ways to quickly add your products to new channels is with the Auto-ListerThis tool continuously reviews your products and will create listing suggestions for you when possible. Simply review the Auto-Lister suggestions and click a button, it’s that easy.

The Auto-Lister currently supports eBay to Amazon.

Search Engine Optimizer

Increase your listings’ visibility in eBay search results with the Search Engine Optimizer! This tool generates suggestions for the item specifics your listings are missing, such as the brand, material, color, UPC, ISBN, etc... Then with a click of a button, you can approve the suggestions and our system will update the listings automatically!

CSV Bulk Editor

The CSV Bulk Editor gives you the ability to edit all of the products in your catalog at one time. Within a matter of minutes you can adjust the price and quantity across thousands of products. This tool is especially useful for dropship and volume sellers, as well as sellers who manage a brick and mortar storefront and use an Excel system to track inventory.


The Scrolling Gallery

Boost traffic to your eBay listings with the cross-promotional Scrolling Gallery! It showcases your other eBay items for sale to shoppers looking to buy. Plus, it’s mobile-responsive, customizable and 100% automatic so you don’t have to do a thing!

Listing Template Designs

Make your eBay listings stand out against the competition, build your brand and entice your buyers to purchase your product! With over 300 unique Listing Template designs, that are all mobile-responsive, you’ll find one that’s perfect for any product or occasion–– see for yourself!

Auto-Marketing Emails

Build strong, long-lasting relationships with your eBay customers and encourage multi-item purchases with customizable, auto-marketing transactional emails.

Custom Email Newsletters

Increase your repeat buyers and create loyal customers with your very own newsletter for eBay. Choose up to 13 eBay listings you want to promote, insert your customized message and send your newsletter invite email out to all of your past eBay buyers.

Free eBay Storefront

This customizable storefront displays all of your active eBay listings and with custom domain and meta tag abilities, it will help increase the exposure of your items to people searching on sites like Google and Yahoo. Plus you can highlight the sales you’re currently running and write blogs to feature top selling products.

Sales Management

eBay Sales Management

Unlike other companies, we keep your eBay sales data indefinitely, and we have search features in place to help you find past transactions quickly. Directly from Auctiva, you can view rates as well as purchase and print discounted USPS shipping labels, purchase insurance, leave feedback and print packing slips.

Discounted USPS Shipping Labels

Check rates, purchase and print USPS shipping labels without ever leaving Auctiva. With rates cheaper than the post office, a direct integration with USPS and even support for First Class International, Priority and Express shipping, processing eBay orders is easy and cost-effective.

Discounted Shipping Insurance

Save money and get some of the best most flexible shipping insurance available to eBay sellers! Automatically add it to your shipments with personalized Auto-Insurance settings, or buy it for a single order only as you need it. All major carriers are covered (up to $2,500) for both domestic and international shipments.

Automated Insurance

Streamline your eBay fulfillment process and set up your personalized Auto-Insurance settings. Simply choose items which you would want insurance automatically purchased for and when the sale comes in we take care of the rest. Plus you can create Auto-Insurance rules specific to domestic and international orders, and even set it up so that only orders above a certain dollar amount are insured automatically.

Automated Feedback For eBay

Save time while processing eBay orders by automating your feedback messages. This tool lets you create a series of feedback messages that our system will cycle through so that you don’t leave the same feedback message over and over. Plus, you get to choose when the feedback is left.


Your Dashboard

Get up-to-date reporting on your total sales revenue, top selling products, number of active products, and see which channel is bringing in the most sales. Plus, you’ll see important announcements and reminders that will help you stay current with the industry and fulfill any unprocessed orders.

Help & Customer Support

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