How to Create a Marketing Profile

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Auctiva allows you to add marketing features to your listing that help attract more buyers. These features can be a vital part to the success of your business. This tutorial will show you how to create a Marketing Profile so that you can quickly add these features to new listings.


A Marketing Profile saves the marketing features that you often use so that you can load these features into a new listing. These marketing features include bolding or highlighting listings, adding borders, galleries and more. Please note that options vary based on which country you are listing in and many of these features come with additional eBay fees.

Auctiva will give you an estimate of how much your selected marketing features will cost you, but be sure to look at eBay's Seller fees to get the complete details.


You can create multiple Marketing Profiles to fit as many marketing needs as you have for your listings.

Step 1. Add a Marketing Profile.

  • Hover your mouse over the Profiles tab and click on the "Marketing" link (Figure 1). The Marketing Profile page will load.

Figure 1. Go to the Marketing Profile page.

Step 2. Choose an eBay site.

  • eBay Site: Choose the eBay site to which this Marketing Profile will be assigned from the drop-down menu. Options will vary based on which eBay site you are using (Figure 2).

Figure 2. eBay Site options.

Step 3. Choose marketing features.

  • Bold: Select this checkbox to bold the listing title.
  • International Site Visibility: Select this checkbox to make listings visible on other eBay sites. For example, if you're a seller in the United States, you could post your listings on eBay Canada, Germany, Australia, etc., without having to create a new listing for each site. You choose the sites where your listing will post. Be aware that eBay fees vary between the eBay sites that the listing is posted on. Additional listing requirements exist for listing using this feature. For more information about these requirements, please view eBay's seller information page.
  • Gallery: Select this checkbox to add a thumbnail image to your listing (Figure 3.1).

Figure 3.1. Gallery image.

  • Gallery Plus: Select this checkbox to add a thumbnail image to your listing that enlarges when a shopper hovers their mouse over the image (Figure 3.2). These listings also have a magnifying glass icon and a link to enlarge each gallery image. There is a fee for using multiple photos.

Figure 3.2. Gallery Plus image.

Step 4. Save profile.

  • Profile Name: Enter the desired name for this profile.
  • Click the Save button.

This completes the task of creating a Marketing Profile.

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