How to Create an About Us Page

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Providing your buyers with About Us information is a good way to build your credibility. This tutorial will show you how to add About Us information to your Auctiva Emporium.


Fields that are left blank will not display on your Auctiva Emporium.

Step 1. Edit the About Our Business page.

  • Hover your mouse over the Stores tab and click on the "About Info" link (Figure 1.1).

Figure 1.1. Go to the About Us page.

  • Page Header: Enter the title of your About Us page. The name of your Emporium will appear in this field by default; change it, if desired.
  • About Us: Enter the information about you and your business. You can provide a brief history of your business and how it got started. Consider including your credentials and accomplishments. This helps build credibility.
  • Specialties: Enter your specialties or some of your best products.
  • Find more of our products at: Enter the URLs of other websites where you sell products.
  • Our Website: Enter your website URL.

Step 2. Edit services and policies information.

  • Check the payment options you accept on eBay. You have several options:
    • Personal Checks
    • Money Order/ Cashier's Check
    • COD (Cash on Delivery)
    • PayPal: If you select PayPal, select the checkbox next to "Include Graphic" if you want your listings to include the PayPal graphic (Figure 2.1).
    • Choose the credit cards you accept. Select the checkbox next to "Include Graphic" if you want your listings to include the credit card graphics. If you do not want to include the graphics, just select the checkboxes next to the desired cards (Figure 2.1).

Figure 2.1. PayPal and credit card graphics.

  • Shipping: Enter your shipping preferences. This should include the shipping methods you offer buyers as well as the estimated delivery times. Be sure to give your customers accurate estimates, not best case scenarios.
  • Taxes: Enter your tax policies.
  • Policies: Enter any other policies or terms for your business.
  • Click the Save button.

You can preview your About Us page by clicking on the Stores tab and then clicking on the "My Emporium" thumbnail image (Figure 2.2). Click the "About Us" link on your Emporium to see your About Us page.

Figure 2.2. View your Auctiva Emporium to check your changes.

This completes the task of adding About Us information.

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