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Bubble Motion introduces 'voiced-based Twitter' service.

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- Feb 09, 2010

A voice messaging company is hoping people feel "bubbly" with the debut of its voice-blogging service.

Bubbly, a service for cell phones, allows users to record and share their voice blogs with followers, which its creator, Bubble Motion, calls "bubblers." Bubble Motion, which specializes in mobile messaging and social communication applications, introduced the service in India earlier this week and, so far, more than 150,000 people have recorded messages. The service is also available in Asia.

Bubble Motion describes the microblogging service as "a voice-based Twitter with the added emotion, feeling and authenticity of the spoken word."

The service is poised to feed on the popularity of social networking. In 2009, nearly four out of five Internet users visited a social networking site on a monthly basis, with Facebook and Twitter leading the pack, according to market researcher comScore.

"Social networking on the Web is, in a word, huge," says Tom Clayton, president and CEO of Bubble Motion. "Meanwhile, the population of mobile phone users worldwide literally dwarfs the number of users on the Web. The launch of Bubbly delivers a new, exciting way for people to connect socially on mobile phones with the power of voice."

So how does Bubbly work? To record blog entries, users simply dial a short code into their phones, record their message and hang up. Then Bubbly will message a blogger's followers to let them know there's a new message, which followers can listen to at their convenience by dialing *2.

The service works on any handheld, and with any rate plan, according to Bubble Motion. Bloggers can either user their current mobile phone number as their user ID so followers can find them, or opt for an alias. Either way, they have the option of hiding their phone number for added privacy, the comany says.

There are several uses for the service, according to the Bubbly site. People can use it to hear messages from their favorite celebrities, or keep in touch with family and friends, and businesses can use the service to tell customers about promotions.

"Already we are seeing people adopt Bubbly as a simple and innovated way to communicate," Clayton says. "Bubbly stands to dramatically change how people interact with their friends and family, while staying current with what's happening in their local community and around the world."

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