AliExpress Cuts Shipping Costs

Fulfillment program could save buyers 30% on shipping.

by staff writer
- Jan 19, 2011

AliExpress buyers can now significantly reduce their shipping costs, thanks to a new fulfillment service launched this week.

Fulfillment by AliExpress will allow buyers on AliExpress to combine orders from multiple sellers into one shipment, saving some buyers up to 30 percent on shipping costs, AliExpress reports.

When customers use the new program, the items they purchase would be sent to a third-party, GELS Enterprise Shanghai Co Ltd, which would be in charge of combining shipments, reviewing orders for accuracy and possible defects and shipping items, among other operations. The service will also give users access to discounted shipping rates from various shipping carriers, including EMS and UPS, which AliExpress partnered with last May.

"AliExpress was designed to give even the smallest business a competitive global trade advantage by offering better prices on smaller-quantity orders," notes David Wei, CEO of, which operates AliExpress, and is the parent-company of Auctiva. "Adding the fulfillment service to the AliExpress platform allows us to further expand the international buying power of small businesses around the world, making the shipping and delivery of their business-critical goods as easy, safe and convenient as possible."

Users will also be able to track shipments more easily, confirm orders once they reach the GELS warehouses, and request that GELS officials inspect the purchased items once they reach the warehouses. The "exterior inspection" looks for damage to a package and ensures all the order details match what arrives at the warehouse. This includes checking things like color, size and order quantity.

An added bonus of the program is that there is no order minimum, AliExpress officials note. For more information about Fulfillment by AliExpress, visit

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