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In this special edition of Ask Auctiva, Customer Support Manager Michael Davies answers a few of the most common questions users ask during our weekly 'Auctiva 101' Webinars.

by staff writer
- Feb 08, 2011

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How can I avoid additional image charges by eBay when listing through Auctiva?

—Bargain Hunter in Boise

Davies: When you post items through Auctiva, and utilize the image hosting service that is included in your Auctiva plan, you can place as many images as you would like in each listing without being charged any additional image-hosting fees by eBay.

On the Auctiva listing creation page, just enter your images in the section labeled "Auctiva Image Selection." This section allows you to select up to 24 images to be included in your listing.

If you need to add more than 24 images to a listing, you can insert the extras directly in the description editor using the "Insert an Auctiva Hosted Image" button on the editor toolbar.

How can I change the color scheme or position of the Scrolling Gallery?

—Creative in Clear Lake

Davies: If you would like to change the color scheme and/or position of the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery in your listings, mouse over the "Stores" tab within your account and select the "Customize" option. You will then see three tabs on the ensuing page from which you can edit the colors, placement and several other aspects of your Gallery.

Once you have made the desired customizations, click the Save button at the bottom of the page. The Scrolling Galleries that will be added to your listings moving forward will reflect the new specifications.

Only changes to the text displayed in the Scrolling Gallery can be retroactively applied to listings that the Scrolling Gallery is already present in.

How can I revise active listings through Auctiva?

—Reworking in Raleigh

Davies: While it's not possible to revise every aspect of an active eBay listing through Auctiva, there are several parts of active listings that can be revised through our site, and these modifications can be done individually, or in bulk.

A few notable fields you can revise through Auctiva are Item Condition, Buy It Now Price, Domestic Handling Time and Return Policy. To see a complete list, just select one or more items on your Active Listings page and click the Bulk Revise button.

Supersized images display at the full size of the original images that were uploaded

How does Auctiva's Supersized image feature work?

—Curious in Calgary

Davies: Auctiva's Supersize feature is available on all listings at no additional cost. There is actually nothing special that needs to be done to utilize this feature. When you create a listing through Auctiva and place your images in the Auctiva Image Selection section, the images will automatically have Supersize enabled, as long as the image files you uploaded are larger than 400 pixels by 300 pixels.

Within the eBay listing, the images will display at about 400 pixels by 300 pixels, which is the optimal size to display within our templates. Anyone viewing your listing will be able to click these images to view the supersized versions.

The supersized versions of the images will reflect the full size of the original images that were uploaded, up to a maximum of 1,280 pixels by 1,024 pixels. So, in order for your supersized images to be as large as possible, you will want to make sure to upload original images that are close to these dimensions.

How does the Auctiva Store differ from Auctiva Commerce Stores?

—Wondering in Wichita

Davies: When you sign up for an Auctiva account, our system will automatically generate an Auctiva Store for you that displays all your active eBay listings. Buyers can enter your store by clicking the link to your other items in the bottom right of your Auctiva Scrolling Gallery. Customization options for this store can be found by clicking the "Store" tab within your Auctiva account and looking in the section labeled Auctiva Store.

We also offer another product called Auctiva Commerce, which is a solution for building your own e-commerce store that is completely independent of eBay. If you would like to give Auctiva Commerce a try, you can find the option to start your free trial by clicking the Store tab within your Auctiva account and looking in the section of the ensuing page labeled Auctiva Commerce.

More information about Auctiva Commerce, including pricing, can be found at

You can ask Auctiva management your own questions by e-mailing "AskAuctiva" at the Auctiva dot com domain. Not all questions will be answered, but those selected will be published with responses from Auctiva's top managers in future Ask Auctiva articles. Due to the volume of mail we receive, it will not be possible to reply to you personally.

Please do not submit inquiries requiring an immediate response. If you need a technical issue resolved right away, please use the online form to file a support request and your case will be addressed by our customer support team.

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