Ask the CEO: What, You Sold the Company?

Jeff Schlicht answers questions about Auctiva being acquired by

by staff writer
- Aug 24, 2010

Why did Auctiva sell to

Schlicht: As a leading developer of seller tools for eBay and elsewhere, Auctiva has remained a thriving, profitable business since its inception in 1998. Coming under the umbrella of a global leader in e-commerce represents a great opportunity for Auctiva to meet the challenges of an ever-changing landscape with tremendous resources, expertise and focus. Combined with the synergies that exist already between the two companies, this acquisition translates into incredible stability and promise for Auctiva and new, valuable sourcing services for our customers.

How do Auctiva and fit together?

Schlicht: Auctiva and share a common belief that the Internet and well-crafted software can-and should-be used to enable people to easily do business anywhere, without the complication of geographical boundaries. Also, both companies focus on small to mid-sized merchants, who can benefit from the product and service offerings that make e-commerce accessible to everyone. can offer highly valuable, exclusive sourcing opportunities to Auctiva merchants from more than 1.5 million storefronts. Similarly, Auctiva can provide selling services to customers leveraging the AliExpress wholesale platform.

What does this mean for the future of Auctiva and its users?

Schlicht: We're dedicated to expanding and improving our suite of seller tools. This will include the added ability to help you identify and source great products to resell on eBay, other online marketplaces, your Auctiva Commerce Store and other channels.

We'll continue to stay in-sync with eBay's ever-changing landscape and policies while adding to our feature set as we maintain our position as the leading developer of tools for eBay and other e-commerce sellers.

I'll be staying on as CEO of Auctiva. I'm as excited about leading the company through this next stage in its evolution as I am thrilled about the opportunities this deal will mean for Auctiva users. In fact, the Auctiva management team is among the highly valued elements of this acquisition, and is committed to keeping it intact.

Likewise, our staff, locations, dedication and commitment to our users remain unchanged. You will continue to access Auctiva services, including other sites like Auctiva Commerce and KickItBack, as you do currently. Our phone numbers, e-mail addresses, online customer support, etc. remain the same. Our friendly, knowledgeable and prompt Customer Service team is also unchanged, so you can expect the same great communication from them that you've always had.

Will Auctiva's pricing structure change?

Schlicht: We have no plans to raise fees as a result of this deal. Instead, Auctiva will continue to look for ways to increase the value of our products and services for our users while also making those accessible to the broadest group of online sellers possible.

Does this deal change your recently announced plans for integration with Elefy and Amazon?

Schlicht: We remain committed to our plans to allow you to easily access multiple selling channels through your Auctiva account. Expect more detailed news about integrations in the months ahead.

Will integrate Auctiva with Vendio?

Schlicht: understands and values the ability to provide a variety of selling services to allow individuals to select the package that best suits their needs and preferences. Although Auctiva and Vendio may benefit from the sharing of knowledge and a more cooperative relationship, there are currently no plans to combine Vendio and Auctiva. The two brands will continue to thrive independently under the corporate umbrella.

Will there be any downsizing at Auctiva? Will some of the jobs move to China?

Schlicht: Quite the opposite. We look forward to growing our teams in Chico and San Jose to better serve you and all your needs related to online selling. We also look forward to leveraging additional resources, existing technology and technical advice from's experienced team as we pursue integrated sourcing opportunities and the general expansion of Auctiva services.

Will any of Auctiva's products be discontinued?

Schlicht: There are no plans to discontinue any products as part of this new relationship. As always, we will put more resources into the products you want the most and allocate fewer to those you've told us are less important to your business. Have your voice heard in the Auctiva Feature Center.

Are there any new products planned?

Schlicht: Yes, as always. Auctiva employs more than 80 developers, customer support reps e-commerce experts, managers, and others all focused on enhancing our suite of tools, both through the addition of new capabilities and improvements to the existing feature set. Of course, we'll be working on integrating's compelling sourcing options into the Auctiva Platform, but that won't be our only focus. Expect a continuation of Auctiva's fast-paced release schedule.

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