Auctiva Launches Education Resource

Web site, e-newsletter debut to help online sellers gain competitive edge.

by staff writer
- Apr 04, 2008

Auctiva Corp. has unveiled an Education tab on its Web site aimed at helping visitors become more effective at selling online. In conjunction, the company announced the launch of "The Online Seller," an e-newsletter that will keep Auctiva's 600,000+ customers up to date on important developments on the Education site and within the wider e-commerce community.

In addition to its ever-growing suite of software tools for online sellers, the information and advice hosted on Auctiva's new Education tab will only increase the company's usefulness to customers and enhance its position as an invaluable partner to those selling online.

"We have a responsibility, as the leader in the market, to continue to provide better resources for our users," says Jeff Schlicht, Auctiva's founder and CEO. "Our new educational content will play a big role in that ongoing effort. Making an investment in our customers and their success is not only the right thing to do, but I believe it will bring us more success down the road as well."

In support of this goal, Auctiva has taken the wraps off its Education site, which features "how to" articles covering a broad and deep array of best-practice techniques for using eBay and other online auction and e-commerce platforms.

The staff-written articles touch on everything from getting started selling on eBay, to building an online store, to choosing an image editor. Each article is linked to Auctiva's online discussion forum, providing a real-time channel for interaction among the online user community, Auctiva's internal development team and the editorial staff.

"We're committed to listening to our users, and other readers, in terms of what topics they want covered and how well we're covering them," says Robert Green, Auctiva's managing editor. "The purpose of this endeavor is to make sellers more effective, and therefore profitable, and no one knows what kind of help they need more than the users themselves. We'll continue in Auctiva's long history of being incredibly responsive to those needs."

The site also features exclusive articles penned by renowned eBay experts including Lynn Dralle (the "Queen of Auctions"), Julia Wilkinson, Brad and Debra Schepp, and Skip McGrath, among others, giving readers a view "from the trenches."

A section devoted to analysis of e-commerce news, trends and events rounds out the site's content.

Concurrently, Auctiva released the first edition of "The Online Seller," an e-mail newsletter designed to give Auctiva customers a snapshot of what's new on the company's Education site—and keep them coming back for more. Each issue of the twice-monthly publication presents:

  • a fresh crop of how-tos with tips and tactics for successful online selling
  • insightful articles from featured author-experts
  • timely news from Auctiva, eBay and the e-commerce community at large

For more information about the Auctiva Education content, please visit

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