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by staff writer
- May 27, 2013

Whether you're new to selling online or just new to Auctiva, you may occasionally find yourself wondering how an Auctiva feature works, why something doesn't work, or simply looking to add a new tool to your selling kit.

Auctiva's entire reason for being is to make life easier for eBay sellers, so, naturally, when it comes to getting the information or technical assistance you need—when you need it—Auctiva has it covered.

In fact, there are so many ways to find help on that we can imagine a seller might be a bit daunted by the choices. So we'll break it down for you.

Get one-on-one support

If you experience technical problems while using Auctiva, or you have questions about your account, you can get help any time of day or night by filing a support request under the Help tab on A Customer Support representative will respond by email and work with you to find a resolution or get your questions answered.

Auctiva's longtime users spend time on the forums mentoring newcomers and sharing their knowledge with other users

Elite and Pro Plan users can speak with an Auctiva representative during business hours by clicking the Live Chat and Phone Support button on the Help menu. Customers on the Pro Plan have a dedicated account manager, who can support the particular needs of professional eBay sellers. If you subscribe to one of these top-tier plans, information on how to reach your account manager will be displayed on your Account Dashboard under the My Accounts heading.

Tap the wisdom of Auctiva's community

For many Auctiva users, the Auctiva Community Forums are their first stop when they have questions or technical issues—even before going to Customer Support. That's because they know and trust the experience of Auctiva's longtime users, who generously spend time on the forums mentoring newcomers and sharing their knowledge with other users. And some community members simply come to the forums for camaraderie with other eBay sellers.

Auctiva support representatives also check in frequently to answer questions, give updates or add context where needed to information that's being shared. You'll find the Community Forums are a pretty comprehensive resource, no matter what kind of information you're looking for.

Learn step by step with online tutorials

Sometimes, the questions you have relate to how to use a feature, or are questions that are commonly asked by Auctiva users. For this type of assistance, check out Auctiva's online tutorials and FAQs, found on the Help tab.

Tutorials provide step-by-step written and illustrated instructions for using Auctiva's tools—and several video tutorials are also available. An extensive library of FAQs answers many of the questions you can think of about Auctiva's tools.

If you're new to Auctiva, visit the Getting Started page. It points to a few selected tutorials that will help you jump right into listing with Auctiva. Access this page from the right-hand side of your Account Dashboard, under Help Resources.

Access Auctiva's help resources on the Help tab on, or click the buttons under Help Resources on your Account Dashboard

And for an overall introduction to, a refresher course or even just an update on newer tools, it's worth attending an Auctiva 101 Webinar. These one-hour sessions are presented live, and offer users of all plan levels (and all experience levels) a way to ask questions and get answers about Auctiva's eBay tools.

Stay informed at Auctiva EDU

If you're reading this article, then you probably already know about Auctiva's unique seller-education resource known as Auctiva EDU and its twice-monthly email newsletter, The Online Seller.

Venture deeper into Auctiva EDU's pages and you'll find lots more articles like this one that give pointers for taking full advantage of Auctiva's time- and money-saving eBay tools. You'll also find a vast—and growing—library of articles written by veteran sellers and respected e-commerce experts on a wide range of business issues online sellers need to know about.

Follow The Online Seller on Facebook and Twitter to get the most up-to-date information from Auctiva EDU, and join or start a conversation.

Talk to Auctiva on social channels

Auctiva stays in touch with its customers through various social media channels. Check out the Auctiva Blog for weekly updates on what's happening around Auctiva, eBay seller viewpoints and news affecting eBay merchants.

Auctiva also posts daily on Facebook and Twitter to keep the dialogue going about e-commerce current events, help you troubleshoot listing problems, and relay your questions and comments to Auctiva's product, engineering and support teams.

Access Auctiva's help resources on the Help tab on, or click the buttons under Help Resources on your Account Dashboard.

Happy selling!

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