Auctiva Tool Tip: Integrated Shipping Labels

Print labels right from your Auctiva account, saving time and money.

by staff writer
- Apr 29, 2013

eBay sellers are busy enough without having to bounce from website to website to manage your transactions. That's why when we at Auctiva see a need for a tool that would save you time or simplify the selling process, we make it a priority to develop that capability and make it as easy as possible to use.

So when you told us via the Feature Center that you wanted to print shipping labels for your eBay items without having to leave and sign in to eBay or PayPal, we made it happen. Have you tried Auctiva's Integrated Shipping Labels feature yet? It's a real time saver.

This feature is available to all U.S. Auctiva users, regardless of your plan level, and with support for most popular USPS services—including First Class International—you may never have to waste time at the post office again.

You can print a packing slip —including your logo and a custom message—at the same time you buy and print a shipping label

In fact, our postage is cheaper than if you bought it at the post office counter. And, because it's 100-percent integrated into your account, there's no requirement to sign up for an external postage provider (such as You pay only for the postage you buy.

So, right there we saved you money and the time of having to log in and out of various sites—or stand in line, for that matter—just to ship your item.

Why use Integrated Shipping Labels?

Here are just a few of the ways you can benefit from printing your eBay shipping labels using Auctiva's Integrated Shipping Labels feature:

  • Delivery Confirmation is printed right on the label when you add this to your shipping service.

  • Tracking information can be automatically uploaded to eBay when you print a label, helping you keep customers informed or be compliant with Top-rated Seller requirements.

  • You can purchase shipping insurance at the same time you buy and print a shipping label.

  • You can print a packing slip—including your logo and a custom message—at the same time you buy and print a shipping label.

Using Integrated Shipping Labels

To use the Integrated Shipping Label feature, you need to have a positive cash balance in your Auctiva account to cover the postage. That means you have to electronically put money in your Auctiva account, using either a credit card or PayPal funds. You can do this by clicking on "Make a Payment" under the My Account tab.

Funds are credited to your account immediately, so you can make a deposit one minute, and be merrily printing your labels the next.

You can create and print labels from your Sales page. You just select the transaction you want to print a label for and click the barcode icon under the "Actions" heading. If you have a lot of transactions, you'll find the item more easily by clicking the "Not Shipped" filter button.

Set your shipping label preferences to automatically fill in your shipping information, making label creation a lot quicker

Want to print labels in bulk? Create your labels but don't print them yet. Then go back to the Sales page, select all the transactions you want to print labels for and click the Print Label button.

Success tips for Integrated Shipping Labels

Get even more mileage out of this convenient feature with these extra-time-saving tips:

  • Set preferences for your shipping labels on the Shipping Label Preferences page. Then, each time you create labels, your default information (such as Ship From address, shipping service, package type, etc.) will automatically fill in, making label creation a lot quicker.

  • Ensure tracking information is automatically uploaded to eBay by checking the box in your Shipping Label Preferences that says "Automatically mark items as shipped in eBay."

  • Generate packing slips at the same time you print labels by checking the preference box that says "Generate a packing slip for each shipment." You can set default instructions to print the packing slip on the same page as the label, include your logo on packing slips, and even add a custom message on each packing slip.

  • For a step-by-step guide to using Auctiva's Integrated Shipping Label feature, please read our shipping labels tutorial.

    And check back here often for more tips for using Auctiva's time- and money-saving tools for eBay sellers.

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