Do You Know the Way to eBay Stores?

eBay will remove Stores tab from its navigation bar.

by staff writer
- May 11, 2010

eBay will remove the Stores tab from its navigation bar sometime this week, the company announced Monday.

"eBay's goal for the navigation tabs at the top of every page is to give buyers ready access to the most-used features on eBay. Since very few buyers currently use the Stores tab, and since all items in eBay Stores are now included in regular search results, the Stores tab will be removed," eBay notes on its General Announcements.

Buyers who want to look for a particular store can continue to do so by using the site's Advanced Search link, which appears on every eBay page, eBay says.

Reactions to the removal of the Stores tab vary among users. On one eBay discussion forum, a user writes," I can't see any reason to have it, with all the inventory being in core and the ability to click on the store from the listing you are looking at."

However, another eBayer notes, "I've used [the Stores tab] recently when trying to get past the pages of auctions. Why wouldn't others?"

This is the one of several recent changes for eBay Stores subscribers. At the end of March, eBay removed the Store Inventory Format and began displaying these listings in core search results as fixed-priced listings.

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