Donahoe Predicts Mobile-Payments Surge

Apps expected to bring in $1.5 billion to $2 billion in sales this year.

by staff writer
- Jun 04, 2010

It's no mystery that shoppers are turning to their mobile devices more and more when they want to buy online, but according to eBay's CEO, most people will soon shop this way.

In fact, John Donahoe predicts that within two or three years, most shoppers will pay for items using a mobile device.

"The digital wallet is going to be a way that will facilitate e-commerce growth," Donahoe said at Wednesday's All Things Digital conference.

eBay is already reaping the rewards of mobile sales. According to a report by Nielsen Wire, the most popular mobile shopping apps come from Amazon and eBay.

Shoppers have downloaded the eBay iPhone app 10 million times, Donahoe adds. And with apps for both the iPhone and the iPad, buyers are expected to spend between $1.5 billion and$ 2 billion on eBay this year using mobile devices.

Last year, eBayers spent $600 million with their mobile apps, Donahoe notes.

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