Green Bay Packers Make Top Shopped List

Twilight and Bieber also rank among eBay's top sellers of 2011.

by staff writer
- Dec 20, 2011

Football, witches, vampires, iPads and Justin Bieber were hot commodities on eBay this year, and shoppers spent big on them.

In fact, buyers went crazy for NFL teams, making NFL-related products the top shopped-for items on eBay this year. Harry Potter, Twilight and Call of Duty items came in second, third and fourth, respectively, according to eBay's "Top Shopped Report" of 2011, which was released today.

The Green Bay Packers not only dominated the NFL this year, the team was also the top shopped-for NFL franchise, coming in fifth on eBay's list, overall. iPads and recording artists Sade and Justin Bieber came in sixth, seventh and eighth, eBay notes. Glee and Charlie Sheen items rounded out the top 10.

The report also noted the three most expensive cross-category purchases made on eBay Mobile. These were a Mercedes Benz S-Class that sold for more than $212,000, a Hermes blue sapphire Ostrich Brinkin bag that went for nearly $20,000 and a Babe Ruth baseball card that sold for $19,500.

The report reflects Americans' buying habits overall, according to eBay.

"eBay sales are a direct indicator of what Americans are most fascinated by, and uniquely reflects the cultural zeitgeist," says Karen Bard Sayah, an eBay spokeswoman. "From the latest video games and tech devices, to royal wedding memorabilia and 'Winning' T-shirts, shoppers know that whatever it is they're coveting, they can find it on eBay."

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