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by staff writer
- Jun 16, 2009

During a time when money's tight and sales are sluggish, you may be asking yourself how you can reduce your costs and maximize your profits. But if you check out Auctiva's eBay selling tools and fixed-price rates, you'll see there is light at the end of the tunnel—and a way to create quality listings quickly and easily without draining your budget.

So take a look at how you can leverage world-class tools and services from the leading independent developer of eBay listing tools to bolster your profits.


Scheduling allows you to list items in advance to go live when you want them to—which can help you maximize end-of-auction bidding and spread out your listings. eBay will charge you 10 cents per listing for this convenience—and when you multiply that by several listings, the cost quickly adds up. But Auctiva users pay no additional fee to schedule listings.

Image hosting

Auctiva eBay image hosting can save you even more per listing—and help increase your profit potential. When it comes time to list new goods, you'll want to reassure buyers that what they see is what they'll get and Auctiva's image hosting tools can help you do this. eBay will let you post one image for free, but each additional photo will cost 15 cents. To get Supersizing, you have to pay 75 cents to $1 for eBay's Picture Packs—and that's per listing. You don't have to worry about these fees with Auctiva—or about counting images. Auctiva's listing tools support up to 24 Supersized images per listing.

Professionally-designed templates

Auctiva's templates will make your listings pop and add a professional touch

Another tool to gain customers' trust—and save you money—is Auctiva's templates. These customizable skins will make your listings pop and add a professional touch. Auctiva's flat-rate plans offer more than 1,700 eBay templates, so you'll be sure to find the perfect design to suit your business. And again, you don't pay any additional fees.

Peace of mind

If that's not enough to get you excited, check out Auctiva's Shipping Insurance program. Sellers can get insurance for their domestic and international eBay shipments at discounted rates through Auctiva. So your buyers will have peace of mind and you'll have a little more money in your pocket.

Auctiva buys its insurance in bulk to save cost, and the savings are passed along to you. Plus, the insurance covers damaged or lost items for goods on, eBay Canada and eBay Motors. Insurance policies are anywhere from 25 cents to $1.75 cheaper than plans you would buy at the post office and Auctiva Shipping Insurance is conveniently purchased online.

As you can see, Auctiva not only makes it easier to list on eBay, it also saves you money. And who doesn't like that?

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