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A playlist of radio shows to stay up on the latest e-commerce news and trends

by Miriam Otto
- Mar 29, 2011

Staying up to date on issues related to Internet commerce is an important part of being a successful online seller. Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn about new products and keep up on the latest selling strategies. It's also an easy way to meet other online sellers.

The following shows are the ones I listen to on a regular basis—and you may want to give them a listen, too, to know exactly what's going on in the online selling world.

eBay Radio

Listening to eBay Radio is a great way to keep up on all things eBay. This radio show broadcasts Tuesdays and Thursdays—but even if you miss the live broadcast, you can listen to a playback on your own time.

Tuesdays' shows typically feature eBay experts and important announcements. On Thursdays, listeners can call in and ask the show's hosts, Lee Maribal and Jim Griffith, questions about the online selling site.

To sign up for eBay Radio, go to eBay and click on the "Community" link. Off to the left-hand side you will see a link to the "Groups" section of eBay. Look for "eBay Radio Broadcasts" and join the group. Each week you will receive an e-mail reminding you of upcoming broadcasts. You can listen live or listen to the archives.


eCom-Connections is a brand new e-commerce podcast hosted by online sellers Kat Simpson of Kat's Kloset and Karen Locker of Luna Jardin. It can be found on the TalkShoe Web site.

From bookkeeping, to taxes, to social media, eCom Connections covers it all. The show broadcasts Mondays from noon to 1 p.m., Central Time, or you can download the podcasts.

In order to be competitive as an online seller, it's important to stay informed

The River, the Ranch and the Bay (RRB) Radio

Hosted by eBay sellers Melinda Jackson of Galleria Gifts and Bryan "Mr. Bigfoot" Goodman, RRB Radio focuses on issues related to selling on Amazon (the River), Bonanza (the Ranch) and eBay (the Bay).

Recent guests have included Hillary DePiano of The Whine Seller Blog and social media expert John "ColderICE" Lawson.

RRB Radio broadcasts Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern Time or you can download it to your iPod. It can also be found on the TalkShoe site.

Ask Janelle

Auctiva EDU contributor Janelle Elms is the visionary of the Online Success Institute and host of the Ask Janelle radio show. Ask Janelle features tips and tricks for online selling. Past shows have focused on topics such as e-mail marketing and using video in your listings.

Once a month, the show features Mr. Customerservice, a very successful eBay seller who talks about his latest "scores." He's amazing!

One of the great things about this show is that it's short. You get a lot of insightful information without having to spend a lot of time. Ask Janelle broadcasts Wednesdays at 10 a.m. on the wsRadio Web site. You can download the podcast or listen to it live.

In order to be competitive as an online seller, it's important to stay informed. Listening to these broadcasts will help ensure you don't miss a beat!

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Miriam Otto is an eBay educator, based in Northern California. Miriam sells more than 500 items per month on eBay, and finds most of what she sells at yard sales and thrift shops. When not teaching eBay classes or running her business, she enjoys writing about her latest "scores" on The eBay Life blog. In addition to living "The eBay Life," Miriam works as an independent study teacher helping adults earn high school diplomas.

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