Profit with Facebook Fan Pages, Part 2

Tips and applications for making your page work for you

by Janelle Elms
- Oct 30, 2009

In the first part of this article, we walked you through setting up your Facebook Fan page. Remember there are five specific things to consider before you open a Facebook Fan page:

  • Who you are attracting
  • Goal
  • Engagement
  • Promotions
  • Uniqueness

Need a refresher before we move further? You can find the first part of this three-part series here.

Now, let's get back to putting up your logo. Although you can put up many pictures on your Fan page (and I would highly encourage you to do so), the main picture is what will create your branding for the site. Creating/updating your logo is simple.

  1. Go to your Facebook Fan Page home page
  2. Click in the top right corner of the picture to "Change Picture"
  3. Choose one of the options under "Edit Your Profile Photo"
  4. Browse your files on your computer to locate your logo

Janelle's Favorite Tip: Want to have a fabulous logo that stretches down the side of your page like on Mermaid Caramels? Simply make sure your logo is exactly 200 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall. Facebook will allow you to have a long rectangle logo image on your page.

All right, let's finish setting up your page: suggest

  • Say something box: Include here a short saying, slogan or quote about your business. This is a great opportunity to put up a short testimonial from one of your customers.
  • Wall: Click the Wall tab at the top and put up your first post. This is as powerful as a newsletter; get people to sign up on your Fan Page and you can communicate and market to them over and over again. But you will need to have some sort of valuable content there when you "suggest" they become a Fan, otherwise you might lose them forever.
  • Info: Click the Info tab and update all of your business information, including your Web site (make sure you use your Store Referral URL), company overview, mission and your products. This is not only a great page to inform your customers, but it also has lots of potential yummy Google spider food on it.
  • Photos: Your uploaded logo will already be on this page under the Photo tab, but you should add more photos before opening your Fan Page for business. Definitely include product shots, but you could also include photos of customers using your product.
  • Other tabs: You can add video at this point as well as any other applications you would like, but I think it's time to tell the world you are open for "fans!"

Click the "Suggest to Friends" link underneath your logo. This will allow you to now share this page with all of your current Facebook friends. Since the average Facebook user has 130 friends, they can be a huge marketing channel for you.

You need to have some sort of valuable content, otherwise you might lose them forever

Facebook applications

There are many great applications that eBay and online sellers can utilize on their Facebook Fan pages. Realize that not all of the applications you find will work on both the profile page and the Fan page.

Testimonials: Customer testimonials are a must for online sellers. It's a fact, even more so in the unknown online buying world, that testimonials will convert your products at a higher rate.

Social RSS: This app allows you to have up to five RSS feeds on your page. This could bring in your Tweets, blog entries and eBay Store inventory. You can also use this application to provide interesting and valuable information to your readers. If you're an eBay Education Specialist, an RSS feed from eBay's announcement page would be helpful to your readers.

LinkedIn: If your business involves any network marketing at all then Linked In is a must for your Facebook Fan Page.

SlideShare: If you are an eBay Education specialist and create your own classes, this is a perfect app for you. SlideShare allows you to post your PowerPoint presentations on your page. This could be a creative tool for your eBay inventory as well. Create PowerPoints of the images and allow people to view them like a magazine.

Free Conference Call: Calliflower's conference call app would allow you to easily communicate with your potential buyers. This is a great app also for Trading Assistance, eBay Education Specialists and others who would need to easily communicate with clients.

Kyte: This is your very own TV channel… well, sort of. This app provides you a channel to showcase videos, chats, pictures and other interactive media.

Having your own domain makes your marketing much easier, and allows you more flexibility when you start using Facebook Ads

FBML: And if you are technically savvy, I would recommend downloading Facebook Markup Language, or FBML. This is the application you will need to do custom coding on your page. You can learn more on the Facebook developer's page.

Netcarnation: How would you like your eBay Store inventory posted on your Facebook page? Netcarnation Marketplace will easily import your items onto your Facebook profile page, and the company has just announced this great tool will work on Facebook Fan pages, too. You can check out my Netcarnation box on the left side of my profile.

To read more about Netcarnation and other business listing applications check out Cindy Shebley's latest newsletter at Web Sellers' Circle.

Tips for getting great results

Buy a domain name: Go to—which is the link to GoDaddy's least expensive domain—and purchase your Facebook Fan page domain name. Mine is for Mermaid Caramels. Having your own domain makes your marketing much easier, and allows you more flexibility when you start using Facebook Ads. Make sure to forward your new domain to the home page of your Facebook Fan page.

The spaghetti test: Don't throw your business out to the online world and hope it sticks to a buyer. Use your eBay Stores reports (or Google Analytics for Etsy and your Web site) to discover what is working and not working on your Facebook Fan page—then update it. No one will ever get their marketing, keywords and target audience right the first time out. You need to research and update, research and update.

In the final part of this series we'll show you how Facebook Ads are surpassing Google Ads in terms of marketing and conversion. We will walk you through setting up your successful ad campaign on Facebook.

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