eBay Adds 'Fast 'N Free' Icons

Logo meant to give buyers more assurance of quick delivery.

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- Oct 31, 2011

eBay began adding "Fast 'N Free" icons to listings late last week to let holiday shoppers know at a glance that items displaying these icons ship free and will arrive quickly.

"eBay Fast 'N Free is launching for one reason: to increase sales by more quickly and accurately representing your great service to buyers," eBay states in its Shipping Center. "When the estimated delivery time is presented to buyers as a range of days based on the seller's stated handling time plus the carrier's published service delivery time, the delivery time can appear longer than it really is."

The icons should help change that by assuring buyers items will arrive in no more than four business days, according to eBay's Fast 'N Free FAQ. eBay notes that delivery time is a big consideration for buyers, especially during the holidays.

eBay will take the seller's past delivery performance into account and whether both the buyer and the item are in the continental United States to determine if a listing qualifies for the icons, according to the Shipping Center.

The "Fast 'N Free" icons will display on View Item pages for listings that qualify. Sellers do not have to pay for the icons or request them. eBay will automatically add them to qualifying products.

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