eBay U.K. Launches Test Shopping Basket

Feedback from opted-in buyers will help shape the final version.

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- Aug 04, 2010

eBay shoppers can now opt in to test a shopping cart introduced on eBay U.K. Tuesday.

If eBay continues its historical pattern of auditioning major platform changes in smaller markets, the shopping cart system may provide a glimpse into where the company plans to go with all of its marketplace sites.

The new basket, which eBay hinted at earlier this year, will allow shoppers to compare the total price of multiple eBay items, pay for several items from multiple sellers all at once if sellers accept the same payment options, and take advantage of shipping discounts, according to eBay, though the company's announcement gave no indication of how the shipping discounts would work.

"We are excited about this launch and look forward to your feedback and suggestions," the announcement states. "With this test version, adjustments will be made regularly to implement members' feedback."

Buyers are also being selected at random to test the new basket. Once they're participating in the test, users will notice that "Buy It Now" buttons on fixed-priced listings will be replaced with "Add to basket" buttons. However, placing an item in the shopping basket does not mean a buyer will have exclusive access to that item, or that they agree to buy it. Other buyers can also add these items to their baskets, or even buy them.

Auction listings may be placed in the shopping basket, but buyers will only be able to purchase the items once the auction has ended. These items can stay in their baskets until then.

Buyers can opt in and opt out at any time, eBay notes.

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