eBay Updates iPad App to Include Selling Features

Sellers can now create, manage listings on tablets.

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- Jul 19, 2011

While eBay sellers have been able to list on the go with their mobile phones for some time, they can now use their iPads to create and manage listings.

That's because eBay's updated iPad app, which debuted last week, now includes selling features. Sellers who download the free app will notice they can create listings, turn on bid notifications, add tracking information, contact buyers, receive push notifications when buyers checkout out, bid or buy their items, and more, eBay notes.

The app works on both first and second generation iPads. However, sellers with iPad 1s will have to pre-load photos onto their devices if they want to create listings with their iPads. First generation iPads do not have a built-in Web cam.

Though the app is fairly new, sellers are already using it. In fact, according to eBay Ink, eBay's official blog, within 24 hours of the updated app's release, more than 250 items were posted on eBay using iPads.

There is no doubt that iPads and other tablets are becoming very popular. As of June, more than 25 million iPads had been sold, notes Jason Donnell, Auctiva's lead architect and the lead of Mobile Development.

He says sellers' reactions to the updated iPad app will range from "unimpressed to giddy," depending on whether they own a tablet.

However, tablets, specifically the iPad, have shown fantastic growth, with more manufacturers are getting into the tablet space and more buyers looking to buy tablets.

"As an iPad owner, I can say that they are very convenient and can easily replace your desktop/laptop for a lot of day-to-day computer use," he says. "If I were an eBay seller, that's definitely one of the activities I'd be looking to do on my iPad."

eBay also updated its Android app in June to include selling functionality.

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