eBay's CEO Makes Naughty List

Employees give John Donahoe 49% disapproval rating.

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- Dec 31, 2008

After a year of overseeing changes at eBay—many of them controversial—CEO John Donahoe wound up on the Naughty List.

The annual list is compiled by GlassDoor.com, a free career and workplace community that allows employees to anonymously rate their bosses. Having received a total of 213 ratings, Donahoe ranked 10th on the site's 2008 Naughty List, with a disapproval rating of 49 percent.

Some eBay employees say Donahoe needs to get in touch with eBay's customers and small sellers. A customer service representative writes "(eBay) is no longer the company I started working for."

Donahoe's overall approval rating was a mere 20 percent.

But Donahoe wasn't the worst boss of the year. That dubious honor went to Office Depot's CEO Steve Odland, who topped the list with an 80 percent disapproval rating. Anthony LaFetra of Rain Bird was the second least-liked with a disapproval rating of 75 percent. AOL's Randy Falco came in third with a disapproval rating of 68 percent.

GlassDoor's Naughty List is very similar to its Watch List—a ranking of CEOs with high disapproval ratings who might be "ousted." On that list, Donahoe was in the middle of the pack.

At the other end of the spectrum, GlassDoor's Nice List was headed by Art Levinson of Genentech, who received a 93 percent approval rating. Apple's Steve Jobs was second with 90 percent and Goldman Sachs' Lloyd C. Blankfein, Google's Eric Schmidt and Procter & Gamble's A.G. Lafley tied for third with an 88 percent approval rating.

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