How to Add a Consignor

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Auctiva allows you to add consignors so you can manage their consignment items and commission plans. This tutorial will show you how to add a consignor.


You can add as many consignors as you need. Make sure you have the consignor's contact information available for Step 1.

Step 1. Add consignor.

  • Hover your mouse over the Sales tab and click on the "New Consignors" link (Figure 1.1). The New Consignment page will load.

Figure 1.1. Go to the New Consignment page.

  • In the "Consignor Details" box, fill in the necessary information. The First Name and Last Name fields are required. It's a good idea to enter in as much information as possible. The email field is also critical if you want to be able to send email messages to the consignor from your Auctiva account.

Figure 1.2. Consignor details.

  • Maximize the Contract Agreement section by clicking on the "Maximize" link. Additional fields in this section will display (Figure 1.3).
  • Add Logo: Select this checkbox to include an agreement logo. This is optional.
  • Logo: If you chose an agreement logo when you set up your consignment plan, the URL for the logo will appear. You can also choose an image by clicking on the Choose Image button. A pop-up window will open and load the Image Browser page. Select an image by clicking on the Thumbnail image.
  • Start Date: The current date will automatically be entered into this field. Change the date by clicking on the field if necessary. When you click on this field, the Calendar widget will load.
  • End Date: Enter in an end date by clicking on the field. When you click on this field, the Calendar widget will load.
  • Terms: Enter in the terms of the agreement in this field. We highly recommend you seek professional help from a lawyer when you create your consignment agreements.
  • Use as my preferred contract settings: Select this checkbox if you wish to have this contract agreement automatically loaded into this section when a new consignor is added.
  • Click the Preview Agreement button to preview the agreement.

Figure 1.3. Contract agreement options.

  • Maximize the Commission Plan section by clicking on the "Maximize" link. Additional fields will display (Figure 1.4).
  • Default Plan: Choose the default commission plan for this consignor if desired. This means you want a commission plan to automatically load for every item associated with this consignor. If you have not created a commission plan before, choose the "Create New Plan" option using the drop-down menu and enter the appropriate information. You can always change the commission plan per item if necessary.

Figure 1.4. Contract plan options.

  • Click on the Save button. The Options page will load.

This completes the task of adding a consignor.

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