Creating Listings

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The Lister is the tool that allows you to enter all the critical information for a new listing. The Lister allows you to save, schedule or post your listing. This gives you the flexibility to work on listings when it's convenient for you. The Lister also makes use of a handy feature called Profiles.

Watch the Lister video tutorial to see it in action.

What are Profiles?

Profiles are a unique set of criteria that you can load into different sections of the Lister. For example, if you have a particular checkout method and settings that you prefer to use in most--if not all--of your listings, you can use the Checkout Profile to quickly load these settings into any new listing in the Lister (Figure 1). There is a profile for Item Details, Marketing Tools, Checkout, Shipping, Auto-Relisting, Seller Details and a Master Profile that can combine all or some of these into a single group. We recommend that you also watch the Introduction to Profiles video to learn more about this feature.

Figure 1. Loading a profile into a listing.


One of the quickest ways to create a listing is to create one from a previously saved listing (See the next section for detailed instructions). You can also create a brand new listing by hovering your mouse over the Listing tab and clicking on the "Create New" link (Figure 2). This will load the Lister.

Figure 2. Click on the "Create New" link to start a new listing.

Step 1. Duplicate a Saved Listing.

  • Hover your mouse over the Listings tab and click on the "Create Similar" link (Figure 3.1).
  • Locate the "Create Listing from Similar" drop-down menu in the Create Listings section (Figure 3.2-A).
  • Choose a similar listing to duplicate from the drop-down menu (Figure 3.2-B).
  • Click on the Go button to duplicate the listing and load it into the Lister.

Figure 3.1. Click on the "Create Similar" link.

Figure 3.2. "Create Listing from Similar" drop-down menu (A). Similar listing options (B).

Tips for Successful Listing

  • Click on the question mark icons (Figure 4.1) to read explanations of the different fields in the Lister.
  • For a complete guide to all the Lister fields, read the Complete Lister Details tutorial.
  • If you are creating multiple listings, consider creating profiles to make the task easier. Visit the Tutorial section to see the full list of profile tutorials.
  • Click the Preview button (Figure 4.2-A) to preview your listing and check that all the details are accurate. You can also click on the Error Check button (Figure 4.2-C) to check for errors in the listing.
  • Click on the Estimate eBay Fees button (Figure 4.2-B) to get an estimate of the eBay fees associated with this listing.
  • Use the Save button (Figure 4.2 -D) or the Schedule button (Figure 4.2-F) if you don't want to post the listing immediately.
  • Use the Post button (Figure 4.2-E) to post the listing immediately, unless a schedule for the listing has already been established.

Figure 4.1. Click on the question mark icons to see explanations.

Figure 4.2. Preview the listing (A). Estimate your eBay fees (B). Check for listing errors (C). Save the listing (D). Post the listing immediately (E). Schedule the listing (F)

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