Adding an Item to PickPerfect in Auctiva

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Auctiva lets you add items to PickPerfect right from the One-Page Lister. These items launch on eBay and PickPerfect at the same time. However, when an item sells on either marketplace, the quantity will be adjust accordingly on both eBay and PickPerfect, or removed altogether if needed.

Open the One-Page Lister

To get started, mouse over the Listings tab in your Auctiva account and choose "Create New" (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Listings menu

Enter item details

This will load the One-Page Lister. Select the “Fixed Price” option in the top left and leave “United States” selected as the desired eBay site (Figure 2).

Figure 2 One-Page Lister

Next, enter information about the item and select the desired images for your listing like normal.

Import PickPerfect item details

In the “PickPerfect” section of the Lister, click the Import Item Details button (Figure 3) to import the listing details you just entered for your eBay listing into your PickPerfect listing.

Figure 3 "PickPerfect" section

Make any changes needed. Then enter a weight for the item and the appropriate shipping option (Figure 4).

Figure 4 Weight and shipping option

We’ll select the PickPerfect category based on the eBay category you’ve chosen and the images you’ve selected for the eBay listing will also be used in PickPerfect.

Post or schedule the listing

Once you’ve conducted an error check to ensure the listing contains all the necessary information, double-check that the “Also post to PickPerfect when posted to eBay” box is checked.

Next, either post the listing to eBay and PickPerfect immediately by clicking the Post button, or schedule the listing to post at a later date by clicking the Schedule button (Figure 5).

Figure 5 Post or Schedule

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