How to Create a Seller Details Profile

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Auctiva allows you to save information about yourself as an eBay seller and quickly load that information into new listings using the Seller Details Profile. This tutorial will show you how to create a Seller Details Profile.


A Seller Details Profile contains information about you, the seller, including preferred payment methods, shipping, and About Us and Contact Us information. You can also set up your Terms of Sales in this profile.


You can leave any of these sections blank, if desired. Blank sections will not appear on your listings. When you add information to these sections, they will appear in the listing below the Item Description.

Step 1. Add a Seller Details Profile.

  • Hover your mouse over the Profiles tab and click on the "Create New" link in the Seller Details section (Figure 1). The Seller Details Profile page will load.

Figure 1. Go to the Seller Details Profile page.

Step 2. Enter payment information.

The text editor will load and you will be able to begin entering your seller detail text within it. (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Source mode button.

  • Payment: Enter the Payment information desired. In this section, you can tell buyers how long you will wait to receive their payments after an auction closes or after a Buy It Now listing is purchased.
  • Click the Next button at the bottom of the page when finished. The Shipping tab will load. Here you can enter the shipping information for your goods.

Step 3. Enter Shipping information.

  • Shipping: In the Shipping section, you can enter information regarding the shipping methods that are available for an item, as well as the costs. Be sure to tell buyers if there are any shipping limitations you have. (e.g., if you do not ship out of the country or can only ship on certain days of the week).
  • Click the Next button when finished. The About Us tab will load.

Step 4. Enter About Us information.

  • About Us: In this section, you can add a personal touch to your seller profile. This can build trust and help your business in the long run. You can tell buyers how long you have been selling goods and a little bit about the history of your business. Consider including your reason for starting the business. This can be especially important if you've just started listing and don't have a lot of feedback from buyers.
  • Click the Next button when finished. The Contact Us tab will load.

Step 5. Enter Contact Us information.

  • Contact Us: While you may not be able to post your email address or phone number in your listings, it’s still important to let your buyers know that you are available to take their questions. Direct your buyers to contact you through the eBay interface, and be sure to tell them what the expected response time is for responding to customer requests. This will reassure them that you are a serious seller, and will also come in handy if they have questions regarding a purchase they made or about an item you've listed.
  • Click the Next button when finished. The Terms of Sale tab will load.

Step 6. Enter Terms of Sale information.

  • Terms of Sale: In this section you can let your customers know how you do business. You should remind buyers what payment options you will accept and when you expect payment. Stating a return policy here is also a good idea. Remember, you don't want customers to be surprised down the road. This could result in negative feedback.
  • Click the Next button when finished.

Step 7. Save Seller Details Profile.

  • Name of Seller Details: Enter a name for this profile.
  • Click on the Save As New button.

This completes the task of creating a Seller Details Profile.

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