Auctiva Features

Listing Upload Tool

Listing Upload Tool

Easily bring all your
listings over to Auctiva

Upload Listings From:
  • Turbo Lister
  • Other listing services
  • A spreadsheet file
Link to Video Listing Upload Tool Video (3 min.)

Do you have hundreds or even thousands of listings that you don't want to recreate when you make the switch over to Auctiva? Not a problem.

The Auctiva Listing Upload Tool is designed to help you easily bring saved listings from another service, such as Turbo Lister, into your Auctiva account.

It's a simple process. All you have to do is save your listings from your current listing service into a spreadsheet file. If you already have them in a spreadsheet file you're halfway there.

Then upload the file to Auctiva with the push of a button. Our software will map your data to the One-Page Lister. Soon, your uploaded listings will be in your Saved Listings folder, ready to edit and post. Try our easy Bulk Edit and Find & Replace features to add professional listing templates, update polices, edit titles, pricing, formats and much more.

Sign up with Auctiva and bring over all your listings today!