Parts Compatibility

Parts Compatibility

Improve sales and reduce returns

  • More visible listings means more sales
  • Get a boost in search results
  • Fewer returns and frustrated buyers
  • More satisfied customers

Auctiva is a Certified Provider of eBay Parts Compatibility listings. Parts compatibility for automotive parts and accessories saves sellers time and money and provides a superior buyer experience. With Parts Compatibility, you create a single listing for your part and then associate it with eBay's extensive catalog list of compatible vehicles.

  • Save time and money. One listing is all that is needed for all the compatible vehicles for your part.
  • Improve sales and reduce returns. When a buyer searches for a part, they see listings for parts that fit their vehicle and can exclude those that do not. Thus, parts/accessories buyers find your listings more readily, and are much less likely to purchase an incorrect part that they will later seek to return. eBay provides sellers who use parts compatibility with a boost in Best Match because parts compatibility provides buyers with a better shopping experience and also promotes trust.

Auctiva supports both eBay options for creating parts compatibility listings. Users can either find and select their part using eBay's extensive catalogs and compatibility data, or if no catalog entry can be found, they can enter the compatibility information for their item manually.

In addition to saving on listing fees, sellers who use parts compatibility will also get a boost in Best Match.

The design of Auctiva's feature is such that as eBay enables additional categories for parts compatibility listings, Auctiva will automatically support them.

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