Auctiva Commerce Says 'No' to Sales Fees

Flat-rate pricing lets sellers keep more of their profits, and do business their way.

by staff writer
- Apr 28, 2011

Online sellers looking to branch out or even transition away from eBay have a new reason to think about opening their own Web stores. Auctiva Commerce has unveiled a lineup of flat-rate monthly plans that are free of transaction fees.

Auctiva Commerce is the fully featured e-commerce solution of Auctiva Corp. developed to let online sellers do business their way—independent of eBay—and keep more of the profits for themselves.

Many longtime eBay sellers say the cost of doing business on the marketplace is becoming unsustainable, and increasingly are looking for alternative sales channels.

The new no-transaction-fee Auctiva Commerce plans should be a welcome antidote to the nickel-and-dime pricing sellers find with other e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, notes Chris Eckland, who heads up the Auctiva Commerce product team.

"The new pricing plans are going to be a big hit with merchants—for many, they will actually be cheaper than our old pricing plan, and they have the added benefit of being a fixed cost every month," Eckland says. "This should help our merchants to budget and plan, as they won't have to think about how much Auctiva Commerce fees will be, month to month."

The new Auctiva Commerce plans include the use of Auctiva's premium tools for eBay

The new Auctiva Commerce plans start at $24.95 per month, and include the use of Auctiva's premium tools for listing on eBay. So, sellers can develop a multichannel online presence with one software solution. As an added value for new customers who sign up before May 31, Auctiva Commerce is throwing in 25 percent more product capacity. Additionally, storage and bandwidth overage fees will be waived through July.

Comprehensive solution

First introduced about two years ago, Auctiva Commerce has been continually enhanced and refined based on input from early adopters. Eckland says he's confident the software now has all the features, functionality and ease-of-use required for success in online sales.

"We've received a ton of great feedback from our users over the past two years that has helped us enhance Auctiva Commerce," Eckland explains. "Based on that feedback we've made numerous upgrades, including revisions to the Bulk Edit tool, and the introduction of the Store Designer—and we don't plan on stopping.

"In fact, right now we are re-engineering our product import tool to include many more fields," he continues. "This will allow merchants to more completely stock their stores, or perform spreadsheet-based edits of existing items. We're also very close to releasing support for Yahoo! Shopping and feeds, both of which are features our users have requested."

Existing Auctiva Commerce merchants were given early access to the new plans before their public launch April 1.

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