Auctiva Introduces Message Center

New inbox puts announcements and account-specific information in one easy-to-find place.

by staff writer
- Dec 06, 2010

Auctiva announces the addition of an Account Messages inbox to the Account Dashboard, where users can see important notices and information specific to their accounts, at a glance.

The new feature is designed to make it easier for customers to stay on top of product updates and company developments as well as account-specific events, such as alerts and—in the future—billing and support case updates. But it will also allow Auctiva to more efficiently deliver targeted messages, including special promotions and sourcing-related information.

Account Messages debuted on today, with a welcome message to all users on the Account Dashboard.

"This tool will provide users a single repository for important messages from Auctiva, for their review when they're signed into the site," explains Robert Green, Auctiva's communications manager. "No more hunting for that important account alert or special offer in an e-mail inbox that might be filled with all kinds of messages from retailers, friends and family, work, and of course spammers."

Secure, yet simple

Auctiva's Account Messages feature is a secure, one-way messaging system, ensuring that only authentic notices from Auctiva are delivered there. Typically, these will repeat messages that have been sent by e-mail. So if a user ever receives a suspicious-looking e-mail from Auctiva, its authenticity can easily be verified by checking the Account Messages inbox.

While logged into, users can access their Account Messages inbox one of two ways: either by navigating to the Account Dashboard, or by clicking on the new blue notification icon when it's visible at the top of any page. This icon appears when there are unread messages in the inbox, and displays the number of messages waiting to be read.

Messages are organized with the newest on top and display the subject, date sent and an icon to identify the message as billing related, an alert, a support update, and so on. A more comprehensive viewing pane is available by selecting the View All option on the inbox.

The feature also integrates keyword search, archiving and filtering to aid with organization and easy retrieval of older messages.

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