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Increase repeat business by keeping buyers informed about your items.

by staff writer
- Aug 26, 2013

What's the single most effective way to keep customers interested so they'll buy from you again and again? The answer isn't social media, but good old-fashioned email marketing.

According to a 2012 study by ExactTarget, 66 percent of online consumers made a purchase after receiving a marketing message by email, compared to 20 percent on Facebook.

Now, if the idea of creating and managing email marketing campaigns seems like something only the "big guys" can do, we'd like to introduce you to the Auctiva Custom Newsletter. You don't have to be "big" to have your own custom newsletter, but having one can help you get bigger.

Auctiva generates a mailing list from your eBay transactions, and provides you a customizable newsletter template and an invitation for buyers to subscribe

Auctiva Pro Plan subscribers have access to this advanced, yet easy-to-use business marketing tool. If you're looking to build repeat business and take your eBay sales to a new level, consider upgrading your Auctiva subscription to the Pro Plan, and use the Auctiva Custom Newsletter.

Build your list, grow your sales

Auctiva generates a mailing list from your eBay transactions within the last 90 days, and provides you a customizable newsletter template and an invitation for buyers to subscribe to your newsletter. All you have to do is send the invitation and then send your newsletter regularly to the buyers who opt in.

It's up to you how often to send your custom newsletter, but a few times a month is usually acceptable—often enough to keep buyers interested, but not so often that you annoy or overwhelm them with your offers. You'll also want to adopt a regular schedule for sending out new invitations to keep building your mailing list.

Auctiva makes it easy

Getting started with Auctiva's Custom Newsletter is an easy, three-step process:

  1. Invite your buyers to subscribe. Customize Auctiva's invitation email and create a sample newsletter to invite your recent buyers to subscribe to your newsletter. If you've uploaded your logo to use in your Emporium or on your packing slips, you can use it now in your newsletter. Or follow the steps to upload your logo, if you haven't already. Then customize the text fields, and send the sample newsletter with your invitation.

  2. Create your custom newsletter. Check back in a few days to see who has subscribed to your newsletter. When you have subscribers, follow the steps to create your custom newsletter. (Hint: It's just like creating a sample newsletter). Include up to 13 eBay listings you want to feature, and send it when you're ready.

  3. Make sure you send subscribers a new issue of your newsletter at least once a month to keep them interested

  4. Manage your newsletters. To see a list of buyers who have subscribed or unsubscribed to your newsletter, and to keep track of the newsletters you've already sent, check in on your Newsletter page (under the Sales tab). On this page, you can also manually remove buyers from your subscriber list, if you wish, so you only market your business to the buyers you want to buy from you.

Lather, rinse, repeat

Every so often, start over at step 1 to invite buyers you've had transactions with since your last invitation went out. (Note: Auctiva will not re-invite buyers you've previously sent invitations to.)

Keep sending those invitations on a regular basis, and you'll soon see your list grow—and, likely, your sales, too.

At the same time, make sure you send subscribers a new issue of your newsletter at least once a month to keep them interested. Remember, these are folks who want to do more business with you—they signed up to receive your newsletter, after all.

For step-by-step instructions to create and send your Auctiva Custom Newsletter, please read our FAQs, and see our tutorials in the Sales section of the Tutorials page.

And check back here at Auctiva EDU to learn more about using Auctiva's tools to increase your eBay sales.

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