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by staff writer
- Mar 11, 2013

Here at Auctiva, we work continuously to update our tools for the evolving eBay marketplace, to ensure you can benefit from eBay's latest features, right from

Beyond keeping up with eBay changes, we also work hard to bring you new capabilities that will make your online selling activities easier and more profitable. We have a number of ways of discovering what these new capabilities should be, and prioritizing their development.

eBay sellers among us: One way is through input from our own staff members who are frequent eBay sellers—and some have been Power Sellers or Top-Rated Sellers at one time or another. These staff members put Auctiva's tools through their paces, and provide valuable feedback to our product teams.

Community forum posts: We also monitor the Suggestions forum on the Auctiva Community website, where members of the Auctiva user community can tell us what they would like to see added to or improved within our tools.

Auctiva Feature Center: Probably the most important way we learn what our customers want and need is a place we call the Auctiva Feature Center. Have you heard of it? If not, please log in and check it out.

Identifying your wants and needs

Your input helps us prioritize our developments to ensure we're working on the things that will be most beneficial to your online selling experience

The Auctiva Feature Center is like a built-in wishlist for It's a place where the folks who use our tools day in and day out can not only suggest new features and improvements to existing tools, but also comment and vote on suggestions other Auctiva users have posted.

You can check this page often to see which suggestions are the most popular among your fellow Auctiva users, and even learn which ones Auctiva will be tackling in the future. Just know that, while we value every bit of input you provide, not everything on the wishlist will get built.

Explore the Feature Center

Within the Auctiva Feature Center, the Suggested Features tab displays a list of other users' suggestions. We encourage all Auctiva users to stop by, browse the suggestions and leave feedback on this page. This is where we go first to find out what's most important to you. The information you provide here helps us prioritize our developments to ensure we're working on the things that will be most beneficial to your online selling experience.

On the left side of this page, you'll see thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons, and the number of users that have voted. Click on the applicable icon to cast your vote. The arrow drop-downs on each suggested item let you read the description, view comments left by others, add your own comment or flag the item as a duplicate.

See what's new

The To-Do List is where you'll discover Feature Center suggestions that have gone through feasibility studies and are earmarked for development. Because Auctiva users like you took the time to comment and vote, you'll soon see improvements to Auctiva tools such as a favorite template folder, improved functionality for revising active listings, and item specifics built into the lister page.

And, if you're ever curious about what Auctiva has already developed based on user feedback, or wondering what happened to a popular topic that's no longer on the Suggested Features list, click over to the Completed Features tab. There, you'll see a list of Auctiva's latest features and updates, as well as some past changes you may have missed.

Take a few minutes to check out the Auctiva Feature Center now, and if you have ideas for new features or improvements to existing ones, let us know!

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