Auctiva Tool Tip: Folder Management

Keep your listings and images organized and easy to find.

by staff writer
- Apr 15, 2013

One of the things that makes Auctiva unique and such a great value is we let you store all your listings and images for as long as you need them. It's an ideal solution if you like having an historical reference, if your product line has a long lifespan, or even if you just like to save things.

The flip side of that is keeping track of all those files can become overwhelming. If you have several—or even thousands—of listings or images saved in Auctiva that you wish you could somehow organize, check out the folders feature. Our folders let you create your own unique, color-coded system for sorting and managing your many files.

Listings and images are blocked out in the color of the folder they are associated with, and the folder name also displays

You can name your folders anything you want, and easily change folder names whenever you need to. Following are just a few of the ways we can think of to sort listings and images in folders:

  • Ready to post, or not ready to post
  • For sale, sold or off the market
  • Product category
  • Listing format
  • Consignor name
  • Date listed
  • Date imported
  • Date uploaded
  • Images, like listings, can be categorized and color-coded. You might choose to assign them folders that correspond to your listing folders, or give them a filing system all their own. It's up to you!

    We do recommend you delete images you no longer need for active listings to avoid going over your plan's image hosting allowance. Using a folder system can make it easier to keep track of outdated images and delete them quickly.

    Folder tips for success

    Here are some quick tips for using folders in Auctiva:

    • Color-code your folders to identify listings or images with their folders at a glance. When you create or edit a folder, you can select a pre-defined color from the palette of options and save it. Back on the folders page, you will now see a color block next to that folder. When you then go to any of your listings pages or your image management page, you'll see that individual files are blocked out in the color of the folder they are associated with, and the folder name also displays next to the listing or image.

    • When uploading images, save time by creating folders beforehand, then upload images directly to the appropriate folder

    • Quickly locate all the files in a specific folder by using the Folder filter at the top of the listings page or image management page.

    • Need to edit a folder? They're listed alphabetically by default, but you can sort them by date created to see your recently created folders first.

    • You can send a listing directly to a specific folder when you save, post or schedule it. Use the drop-down box next to the Schedule button on the lister to indicate the folder you want the listing to be filed in.

    • Easily edit an entire folder of listings using the Find & Replace tool on the folders page.

    • Update image captions and watermarks or delete images in bulk by opening an image folder and clicking the "select all" box before performing the desired function.

    • If you have lots of images to upload that you want to sort into folders, save time by creating folders beforehand, then upload images directly to the appropriate folder.

    Whether you have 50 files or thousands, you'll find it's easier to keep track of them all with a color-coded, custom-labeled folder system. And it's online, so you'll never get a paper cut!

    What's your best tip for keeping your Auctiva listings and images organized? Share in the comments below.

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