Auctiva Tool Tip: Packing Slips

Simple tool can make a big difference.

by staff writer
- Jun 24, 2013

Packing slips may seem simple, but they're actually powerful tools. They tell buyers they're working with a committed and transparent seller, they can help you stay organized and they help you build your brand.

Auctiva lets you print packing slips right from your Auctiva account to reap all these benefits, but we weren't sure this seemingly "simple" feature was getting the attention it deserves.

To change that, we decided to explore packing slips a bit more to show you why you should start using them if you don't already.

What are packing sips?

Plain and simple, packing slips are a summary of a buyer's order. Auctiva's packing slips show the items a customer has purchased, a photo of the products, items' selling prices, shipping costs, any adjustments made to the order, sales tax charges and the grand total for each order.

This itemized list of your buyer's order tells your customer you want to make sure he or she gets everything they're expecting

They also note how orders were paid for, the shipping method used to deliver the parcels and if items were insured.

By providing an itemized list of your buyer's order, you're telling your customer you don't want to hide anything, and want to make sure he or she gets everything they're expecting.

Packing slips are practical

Jason Hair, a member of Auctiva's Customer Success team and an eBay Top-rated Plus seller, includes packing slips in each of his shipments as receipts of sorts.

"I use packing slips to show my customers they received the item they paid for," he says.

This builds trust and helps keep everyone on the same page. But the benefits don't stop there. Packing slips also help Hair stay organized, he says.

The seller prints out his packing slips and shipping labels before he puts items into boxes or envelopes. Then he pairs products with the right sheets to make sure items go to the right people. That's a quality-control step he learned the hard way.

"I have sent out the wrong product to the wrong person before, and it can cause a lot of headaches," he admits.

So, for him, packing slips are a win for sellers and buyers. They make things simple.

They've helped him keep things organized in his mind as a buyer, too. About a month ago, Hair bought a number of Silver Eagle dollars from various merchants. He got several of the dollars in the mail, but some came without packing slips, which made it harder for him to know which sellers had sent him his items and which he was still waiting on.

"Customers don't want to have to figure out what items they received and which items they didn't," Hair continues. "Part of buying online is convenience. You want to make it as simple as possible for the buyer."

That's something to always keep in mind as a seller.

Part of buying online is convenience. You want to make it as simple as possible for the buyer

Slips help sellers stand out

But packing slips also do something else: They help differentiate you from the competition—and that can turn buyers into repeat shoppers.

Hair says adding packing slips—especially if they're customized with your logo and a note to your buyer—will make you memorable. That's because if you include your logo on your packing slip, on a business card and on another handout you put in your shipment, that repetition will help buyers remember you.

Plus, seeing a logo will reinforce your professionalism. "The extra personal touch can go a long way," he adds.

Make it snazzy

Now, about that customization we mentioned. Auctiva packing slips are very customizable. They can include your logo, as well as a note to your buyer.

If you have uploaded a logo to your Auctiva account for your Auctiva Emporium, the free site that contains all your eBay listings, your logo will automatically be added to the top of your packing slip when you generate one.

For a refresher on uploading your logo, watch this quick video tutorial.

Invite customers to leave feedback, recommend you, subscribe to your newsletter, visit your store, or to contact you

You can add a custom message to your buyer once you've loaded your packing slip, which you can do via your Sales page. Once you're on this page, click on the appropriate transaction. Then click the Details button to the right of the order. This will load a summary of the order. From here, you can view your packing slip and personalize it. Read our FAQ for complete details on generating a packing slip.

Keep in mind that the notes you include on your packing slip don't just have to be simple thank yous to buyers for their purchases, though those are nice, too. You can use these fields to invite customers to leave you feedback, recommend you to family and friends, subscribe to your newsletter, visit your off-eBay store, or simply to ask them to contact you if they have any problems with their orders before contacting eBay.

Printing your slips

When it comes to printing your packing slips, you have options. You can print your packing slip along with your shipping label within your Auctiva account, or you can print them on their own—and you can print them in bulk, too! Here are the complete details.

As you can see, packing slips are definitely worth checking out—and using. They'll help you stay organized, encourage repeat buyers, and they'll help you stand out. Give them a try and tell us what you think.

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