Best Blogs for eBay Sellers

Stay up to date on news and trends relevant to your online business.

by Brad and Debra Schepp
- Jun 25, 2010

You know by now that you should have your own blog to brand your business, drive people to your eBay listings and even earn money through ads and affiliate marketing. But reading blogs to stay up to date on eBay, e-commerce and marketing trends is just as important. In this article, we describe some of the best blogs for eBay sellers.

We chose blogs that have unique information, that aggregate and present information in an attractive, easy-to-use way, and are regularly updated.

In the descriptions below, we've included "tags" for each blog. These give you a quick fix on the kinds of information the blog covers best.

Also, you may want to subscribe to these blogs via an RSS feed (look for the orange icon to click on). Such feeds let you easily review blogs and receive updates automatically. RSS readers do this work for you. One we like is Google Reader.

  • AuctionBytes Blog
    This is one of the best e-commerce blogs available—which is no surprise considering it's by the same people who are behind the AuctionBytes Web site. We first became aware of AuctionBytes in 2004 when researching our first eBay book, eBay PowerSeller Secrets. AuctionBytes was a must-read then, and it's just gotten better over the years. Editors Ina and David Steiner have a tremendously deep understanding of e-commerce issues.

    Tags: news, eBay, online auctions, e-commerce sites, forums, podcasts.

  • eBay Strategies
    This blog is by Scot Wingo—a self-described serial entrepreneur and head of a company providing services to e-commerce sellers. One of the brightest voices in the industry, his work is always thought provoking. It's always illuminating to get his take on eBay's latest changes to its marketplace, for example, or for the macro view of what's going on in the e-commerce world.

    Tags: eBay, Amazon, comparison shopping engines, Webcasts.

  • eBay Ink
    This is eBay's official information source, but that doesn't mean it's staid and PR-ish in its look and feel. Actually, the layout and presentation of information are attractive and fun. This is a blog you can look forward to reading. We like all the bursts of information (e.g. the Twitter updates it features are good for a brain jolt).

    This would be a good place to go for the official word on new developments at eBay, such as what's going on with PayPal, mobile shopping,, eBay's green team, and, of course, any fee changes.

    Tags: eBay corporate, eBay news, Twitter.

  • You need a reliable stream of the most important news affecting small- and medium-sized businesses

  • Seth Godin's Blog
    Seth Godin is one of the leading, most provocative voices in marketing today. As an eBay seller, savvy marketing practices are important. As writers, we appreciate Godin's ability to find interesting things to write about and then write about them in interesting ways. For example, a recent article about spam started out with this joke: "So, these two cannibals are eating a clown, and one says to the other, 'Does this taste funny to you?'" The point he later made was to make sure your messages were on-target. Not your typical corporate-speak.

    Tags: marketing, advertising, branding, social media.

  • Small Business Trends
    This is from Anita Campbell, who describes herself as a lawyer by education and a businessperson by vocation. We'd add to that a pretty savvy information packager, too. Like Godin's blog, it's not eBay-centric but, since you're running a small business, you need a reliable stream of the most important news affecting small- and medium-sized businesses, and you'll find lots of good how-to articles here, too. One we couldn't resist was called "How to Write Better Tweets."

    We like that the blog is updated throughout the day and includes helpful links to worthwhile Web sites and other information sources. Don't miss this one.

    Tags: SMBs, entrepreneurs, finance, podcasts.

  • Tamebay
    Tamebay refers to itself as a blog, but it's more of a complete Web site. It's run by two British long-time PowerSellers Chris Dawson and Sue Bailey. There's lots of useful information and tools for serious eBay sellers. For example, it includes links to eBay tools such as a feedback checker, a price finder to get sales histories and a bargains tool to spot auctions with few or no bids that are about to end. Amusing: the grammar differences and unusual word choices (e.g., "whilst").

    Tags: eBay tools, forums, news, selling tips, British.

  • Practical e-Commerce
    Practical e-Commerce is technically a Web site and not a blog. It provides "insights for online merchants." We list it here, though, because we found an interesting compilation of blogs including The Life of a Mom-preneur, The Social Retailer and The View from China.

    Some of the other blogs are by eBay sellers, so you're sure to find something of interest. The Web site itself offers original articles, webinars, podcasts and some useful directories and tools.

    Tags: news, articles, tutorials, directory.

  • Spotting trends is very important when sourcing, marketing and even creating listings

  • Auctiva EDU
    Though more of an e-zine than a blog, the Education tab of is chock full of informative and instructional articles about virtually every aspect of selling on eBay and elsewhere online. Articles are written exclusively for Auctiva EDU by eBay PowerSellers, e-commerce experts and Auctiva's own writing team, with content updated daily.

    Tags: news, articles, tutorials, eBay selling, e-commerce.

  • Auctiva Blog
    Of course since you're on this site, you probably would like information about how to better use Auctiva's listing tools, enhancements to the site, etc. How about tips from Auctiva's in-house Top-rated Seller? Topics covered include auction basics, selling, tools and creating listings. What eBay seller wouldn't be interested in those topics?

    Tags: Auctiva, eBay selling, listing, Webinars.

  • Skip McGrath's Auction Seller's Resource
    PowerSeller Skip McGrath is a good teacher, so his explanatory and how-to articles for eBay sellers are well worth your time. Examples include Virtual Assistants for Your eBay Business, Selling Hot-Selling Products and eBay Niche Markets.

    Tags: eBay selling, blogs, wholesaling, sourcing, tutorials.

  • The Inside Source
    Here's an interesting blog-like Web site, rather surprisingly, from eBay itself. As you probably know, spotting trends is very important when sourcing, marketing and even creating listings. So it's worth visiting sites like this one, which report on trends in pop culture, fashion, technology and more.

    Actually, the fact that the information here is compiled and written by eBay staff is a good thing. "As the world's largest online marketplace, comprised of 88 million active users, eBay is uniquely equipped to serve as a cultural barometer," is the rationale as described on the site. There are many links to eBay listings showing you, for example, the current terms that are most-searched.

    Tags: trends, sourcing, eBay, listings.

  • eBay Partner Network Blog
    The blog for those of you who'd like to make money by driving buyers to eBay (do we have your attention?). You may know eBay's Partner Network by its old name, eBay's Affiliate Program. Here you will find announcements, tools, tips and tricks and news on industry events, such as eBay's new On Location meetings. (These are the local gatherings for networking and learning that have replaced eBay Live.) On the associated Web site you'll find a video explaining the program, the tools and widgets you need and full details on how to get paid.

    Tags: making money, eBay affiliates.

  • We don't claim to be the final authority on which blogs are the "best." You're likely to find your own blogs, or maybe you already have a few favorites. Part of the fun is poking around and finding new blogs that suit you well.

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