Canada Post Resumes Delivery

Legislation forces postal employees back to work.

by staff writer
- Jun 27, 2011

Canada Post employees are back at work today, with mail pickup and delivery expected to resume Tuesday morning, following passage of return-to-work legislation.

Canada has had no mail service since June 16, when Canada Post declared a nationwide lockout. The shutdown was meant to force a resolution to a longstanding labor dispute with the postal workers union, and put an end to rotating strikes across the country.

Negotiations between the parties continued, but talks broke down June 22, with wages and pensions being the main sticking points.

As it turns out, workers will receive a government-imposed wage increase that is less than what Canada Post management offered.

A brief statement on the Canada Post Web site apologizes for the service disruption and asks for continued patience as it works through the large backlog of mail.

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