Jackson Memorabilia Hot Online

Singer's death lifts sales; eBay to refund concert ticket sales.

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- Jun 29, 2009

As fans mourn the death of Michael Jackson, memorabilia associated with the King of Pop is becoming a hot commodity online.

More than 45,000 items related to Jackson were listed on eBay two days after the singer's death. The site also created a "Remembering the King of Pop" category, which it links to from the homepage. Thousands of goods related to Jackson also sprang up on Amazon.

Barbara Crews, an About.com author who specializes in collectibles, says Jackson's unexpected death might be the "biggest celebrity death since the Internet has grown and matured to the point it is today."

Some autographs, T-shirts, records and more are going for hundreds of dollars. One item, an original "Thriller" album featuring a photo of the singer is listed for $100,000 on eBay.

Jackson iTunes downloads and record sales have also increased, according to reports.

"We've seen this with people like John Lennon, Elvis, Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra over the years," says Gennaro Castaldo, head of publicity for international entertainment chain, HMV . "With Michael Jackson in particular, he was just on the cusp of a big comeback anyway, and we were already beginning to see a lift in sales."

Jackson was scheduled to perform 50 shows in London beginning July 13. Some tickets for the tour were sold on eBay, prompting the auction site to promise to refund the fans' money.

"The sad news of Michael Jackson's death has left fans of the King of Pop bereft," an eBay spokesman tells the BBC. "eBay is committed to ensuring that no buyer is left out of pocket as a result of the unique nature of the event."

As a result, the site and PayPal are extending buyer protection to all of Jackson's tickets bought on eBay.

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